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Cleaning Your Hard Surfaces

Chris takes through using our own Patio Perfect concentrated cleaner for sprucing up hard surfaces around the garden…

Keeping On Top of Moss

I really can’t believe how the moss on my tarmac surfaces has just exploded into growth in the last month or so. It seems to have gone unnoticed all summer, just waiting for the wetter conditions of autumn to arrive to make it flourish, and this autumn has not disappointed at all!

I seem to have got moss this year on hard surfaces where I have never had it before, but the usual areas which are hardly ever walked on such as around pots have really excelled themselves in a race to become lawn like.

As with moss growing on lawns, raking sweeping, and removing without first treating only serves to spread it about, but fortunately, there are some really good products on the market to keep your hard surfaces in tip top condition.

This year I have tried a new product for me Elixir Garden’s Patio Perfect – Super Concentrated Outdoor Surface Cleaner which can be applied quickly and easily using an ordinary garden sprayer.

Optimal Application Times

I chose a still damp day in early November to apply the product as during these conditions the moss is more receptive to taking in the chemical than it would if the moss were frozen. With an eye on the weather forecast I managed to get a short break where no rain was going to fall as I did not want the spray diluted too much before it had chance to work.

For lightweight and maintenance use such as controlling algae, Patio Perfect can be used at a dilution rate of 1 part to 50 parts water which makes the product very cost effective. As I had got allot of heavy moss growth to control I chose the normal dilution rate of 1:20, and prepared for a full scale assault! Taking into account the product label I kitted myself up with required protective clothing and mixed up the Patio Perfect.

For best results, and like all other hard surface cleaners I have used the product should be applied to thoroughly soak heavy moss growth. Interestingly by the time I had finished spraying, the areas I had treated first had begun to darken. After three weeks the moss was totally dead apart from a few green patches that I had missed spraying! I shall mix up a further small quantity and treat these in the next few days.

Finishing Up...

Once all the moss has turned brown, it becomes very easy to remove with a hard bristle broom, something you cannot do effectively whilst it is still green and alive without excessive brushing that can damage older tarmac surfaces.

To remove everything I like to use the garden blower after the brushing to ensure nothing is left behind. Patio Perfect can be used at any time of the year, but for best results avoid very dry or frosty conditions.

The moss needs to be growing actively and, as with all the products I have used, it takes around three weeks to turn the moss brown, but then goes on working for a period of time.

The moss though will eventually return, it always does as it is impossible to fully remove the spores form which it grows, but next time I won’t let it establish so much and use the lower dilution rate to keep it in check.

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