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As the weather gets warmer we see last month’s bulbs and shoots “Spring” to life. Here is a list of all sorts of jobs you could be doing this month, while we have the weather for it and get the chance!

Here are some of our top recommendations to do whilst spending time in the garden this month.

  • Re-pot patio and container plants and make sure they are kept well watered as the weather starts to warm up.

  • Keep your frost fleece to hand and an eye on the weather for any late frosts which can affect tender plants and new growth

  • Pinch out sweet peas tips to encourage more bushy growth for a full display in the summer months.

  • Harvest the first crop of asparagus in late April when the spears are no more than 18cm tall.

  • Fruit bushes, canes and fruit trees should be given a good feed with a balanced fertiliser like Growmore 7-7-7, or if you prefer, use a fertiliser that has a higher nitrogen content.

  • Nothing says spring quite like a hanging basket filled with a riot of colour. Trailing varieties such as fuchsias, lobelia and verbena are a popular choice. Why not mix things up with trailing tomatoes or even blackberries.

  • Vigorous climbers such as honeysuckle and clematis should be tied in now to make training them easier as the season progresses.

  • Get your lawn in top condition with a high nitrogen feed to green it up and and help keep moss at bay.

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