Gardening Jobs For May



May your days be warm and long. As the Summer approaches, we are hoping for some hotter weather and more chances to go out and do some gardening!

Here are some of our top recommendations in the garden this month.

  • As the weather warms hang up sticky traps in the greenhouse to monitor and control pests like whitefly, blackfly and thrips.
  • Give any spring flowering plants a tidy if they have finished flowering. Doing this now helps to make way for the next flush of summer flowers.
  • Use Elixir Onion Leek and Garlic fertiliser to feed your crops whilst they are putting on bulb growth as well as help prevent disease.
  • You need to keep greenhouses well ventilated to prevent overheating by opening doors and vents. Damping the greenhouse down on hot days will help to deter red spider mite.
  • It’s time to make sure that all your brassicas are protected with copper coated cabbage collars to stop cabbage root fly, slugs and snails.
  • Leave half hardy plants outdoors during the day before bringing back under cover on an evening to harden them off. Do this for a week before planting out.
  • Get established container plants ready for the summer by refreshing the top 5cms of soil and top dressing with a balanced fertiliser like Growmore or a suitable specialist fertiliser if required.
  • Use netting this month to protect soft fruit plants from birds. Make sure you keep them well watered and fed whilst they are still putting on vigorous growth.
  • Reduce blackfly attack by pinching out the growing points on broad beans when they appear at the base.
  • Feed tomatoes weekly with a high potash fertiliser to help encourage larger fruit. Tie in trusses to prevent damage before the fruits start to weigh them down.

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