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1 - 1000 Ground Cover Fixing Anchor Pegs Garden Weed membrane Landscape Fleece


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Ground Cover/Fleece Weed Membrane Fixing Pegs

Ideal for holding down mulch mats, fleece, netting or any type of ground cover. Comes with a wide head and a shank, made from a durable, black plastic. Simply tap gently in to the ground. Extremely good quality, as used by professional landscape gardeners.

6″ / 150mm Square Pegs

Our 160mm square pegs with their uniqure design of barbs are ideal for securing ground cover and matting in hard or soft substrate. Designed to make installation quicker and easier, they have had durastic improvement to increase the ease and usability.

Please note: Main image shown is for illustration purposes only, your order of fixing pegs may come in an unbranded/surplus box.

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