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1 - 1000 Plastic Landscape Fixing Pegs Weed Control Fabric Membrane Cover


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Ground Cover/Fleece Weed Membrane Fixing Pegs

Ideal for holding down mulch mats, fleece, netting or any type of ground cover. Comes with a wide head and a shank, made from a durable, black plastic. Simply tap gently in to the ground. Extremely good quality, as used by professional landscape gardeners.

6″ / 150mm Square Pegs

Our 160mm square pegs with their uniqure design of barbs are ideal for securing ground cover and matting in hard or soft substrate. Designed to make installation quicker and easier, they have had durastic improvement to increase the ease and usability, some of these features include:

  • A wide “squared-off” head which means more retaining are in contact with fabric.
  • A sturdy, impact-resistant head and shank to avoid breaking on installation.
  • Sharp point for easy penetration of membrane.
  • Extra length (160mm) – Greater depth for improved anchorage

8″ / 200mm Pegs

Ideal for holding down mulch mats or ground cover 20cm long with a wide head and shank. Made from black durable plastic, just gently tap in.

6″ / 150mm Hooked Pegs

Manufactured in tough, durable platic our 150mm hooked-top peg is ideal for securing most types of mesh, netting and ground cover to varying landscapes. Well suited to longer term usage, the barbed shank and robust sections ensuring that the peg remains firmly anchored in the soil. A flat section on the head means that the pegs can be gently hammered in. For applications where it is not desirable to puncture the ground cover, the Hooked-Top peg can be used to secure the edges of the mat instead.

  • Neat hook keeps netting securely pegged down.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Ideal for securing garden lines and guy ropes.
  • Extra length (160mm) – Greater depth for improved anchorage

10″ / 250mm Triple Sheet Pegs

Sheet Pegs will keep all types of fleece, mulch and ground cover securley in place, our sheet pegs have a 15cm prong which allows the user to keep varying types of covers kept in position. Sheet pegs are easy to use, made from a hard-wearing, durable plastic and totally reusable. Simply drive the peg into the soil every two meters.

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