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1.5m Wide Triple Laminated 10mm Bubble Greenhouse Insulation UV Resistant


Professional Growers Greenhouse Bubble Insulation as used in commercial Polytunnels throughout the country.

  • Tri-Laminated Premium quality
  • Insulates greenhouses to retain heat
  • UV Resistant for longer life
  • Protects plants and seeds from frost
  • Not to be confused with packaging bubble


10mm, 1.5m Wide – Tri-Laminated Bubble Insulation

Professional Growers Greenhouse Bubble Insulation as used in commercial Polytunnels throughout the country.

This is premium grade UV Tolerant greenhouse bubble insulation – not to be confused with the cheap bubble wrap used for packaging. Designed to insulate your greenhouse from the frost and cold that winter brings, it can also extend the growing season by up to 6 weeks and can quick start the new season by up to a month. Ideal for Professional growers looking to save some money on their heating bill throughout winter and Spring.

With UV additives for longer life, our greenhouse bubble will last several seasons before it needs replacing.

We offer both 10mm and 25mm Bubble as each has their own unique advantages when it comes to providing insulation for your greenhouse. If you require increased insulation properties then choosing our 10mm bubble might be the correct solution for you.
If you wish for increased light transfer you may prefer 25mm bubble.
By offering both variants we believe you can choose with confidence which type of insulation is best suited to your greenhouse setup.

Please see our listing for 25mm bubble here

If you require securing clips to hang the insulation to aluminium greenhouse frames please see here

So we can offer the best possible prices we bespokley cut this product from bulk rolls. Therefore once your order has been cut it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 2013 – part 3, paragraph 28, sub-paragraph B

To offer the very best possible value to our customers we will wherever possible dispatch your purchase using the most economical courier service available to us. This is often subject to length and packaging restrictions meaning for example items advertised as rolls maybe folded into boxes and wide width rolls maybe manufactured folded etc. If you require your items dispatched in a particular manner you must inform us at the time of order.

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