1L 360g/l Glyphosate Weedkiller | Super Strength Root-Killing Concentrate


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  • PLEASE NOTE: Depending on current stock levels you may receive a 1 Litre Gallup Bottle. This is exactly the same 360g/l glyphosate formula and is produced by the same manufacturer as Elixir Gardens Glyphosate.
  • Quickly & effectively clears areas of weeds and unwanted vegetation.
  • Super-concentrated 360 gram/litre Glyphosate formula. DILUTION REQUIRED. Kills & eliminates weeds at the root.
  • One 1 Litre bottle treats up to 1666 sq. meters!
  • Perfect for a range of hard surfaces such as patios, decking, aggregates and driveways.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the type of weed and climate, please allow up to 7 days to see the effects of the treatment. Some weeds may take up to 4 weeks for the weedkiller to take effect. Some weeds may take more than one application.

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Product Description

1 Litre 360g/l Glyphosate Weedkiller

Please note: complimentary cup and gloves cannot be replaced if missing or damaged during transport.

1 Litre 360g/l Glyphosate Weedkiller (MAPP 19830) contains 360 g/l glyphosate in a soluble solution. A systemic weed killer for the control of annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds. A systemic total herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb, dandelions, bindweed, and many more around the garden. 360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller is inactivated on contact with the soil and is broken down by organisms in the soil to leave no lasting residues. FOR USE ONLY AS AN AMATEUR WEEDKILLER READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE TO AVOID RISKS TO HUMAN HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT, COMPLY WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.



Although not a requirement, it is recommended to wear gloves when handling this product. Take extreme care to avoid spray drift. DO NOT SPRAY in windy weather or near to desirable species or plants as drift can cause severe plant injury or destruction. Apply when weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf area to absorb the spray. Spray nettles and ground elder when new leaves have fully unfolded in late spring. DO NOT spray in windy conditions as drift can damage or kill valued plants. DO NOT walk into treated areas until the spray has dried on the leaves, to avoid transfer to lawns and other wanted vegetation. DO NOT apply the product if rain is expected within the next 6 hours. Treat established perennial weeds at the start of flowering for best effect. Weeds may show the first effects from a few days up to 4 weeks later depending on the weather and type of weed. Leave treated weeds for at least 7 days before cultivating. 360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller kills most weeds with a single application. Some tough weeds, e.g., ground elder, may need a repeat treatment after 3-4 weeks if regrowth appears. If re-treatment is required repeat only once per season.


For use on unwanted vegetation. DO NOT USE ON LAWNS.


Apply with a knapsack sprayer as a MEDIUM-COARSE spray. Spray to just cover the weeds without run-off from the leaves. Ensure the sprayer is only used for herbicide application.


Knapsack application: Add 24mls of 360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller to 1 litre of water to treat up to 40 square metres (5m x 8m). Shake/agitate the mixture thoroughly before use. Use immediately after mixing. DO NOT MIX, APPLY OR STORE 360g/l SUPER CONCENTRATED WEEDKILLER IN GALVANISED OR UNLINED MILD STEEL CONTAINERS.


360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller has no long-lasting effects in soil after application. Ground may be planted after the treated vegetation has died back. Cultivations and planting can be conducted 7 days after application or if the weather has been cool, after the weed leaves have become yellowed or have died back.


Wash equipment thoroughly after use with water to remove traces of 360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller. Traces of 360g/l Super Concentrated Weedkiller left in the equipment may seriously damage or destroy plants sprayed with the same equipment at a later date.


Protection during/in use: WASH OFF SPLASHES IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT BREATHE SPRAY. WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED SKIN AFTER USE. Other general protection: Do not contaminate water with the product or its container. Do not empty into drains. Storage and disposal: KEEP AWAY FROM FOOD AND DRINK AND ANIMAL FEEDING STUFFS. KEEP PRODUCT AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. KEEP PRODUCT IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed, in a safe place. Dispose of unused product in its container at a household waste site (civic amenity site). Contact your local council (local authority) for details. Dispose of empty container in the dustbin.
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