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100% Organic Wormcast | Multi-Purpose Compost & Potting Soil | Nutrient Rich Soil


  • 100% genuine unprocessed and unfiltered Worm Castings straight from the farm! Due to the product being so fresh it may occasionally contain live worms.
  • 100% Organic Compost containing no harmful chemical and is perfectly suited for use without additives.
  • Wormcast Compost is more absorbent than general multi-purpose composts making moisture more consistently available to plants and preventing soil from completely drying out.
  • Contains humus which significantly affects the bulk density of soil and contributes to its retention of moisture and nutrients.
  • Throughout production the compost is enriched with bacteria and microbes. These helps plants to become more disease resistant and also repel some plant pests.

Product Description


100% Organic Wormcast | Multi-Purpose Compost & Potting Soil | Nutrient Rich Soil

With high porosity and good aeration, Wormcast compost makes a perfect base to start any new or young plants. Packed full of nutrients, essential for promoting strong development throughout the plant’s life. Almost any type of plant or crop can benefit from worm castings. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flower beds, tree and shrubs will all get a much needed boost. Likewise give young plants, seedlings and saplings the best possible start with the addition of Wormcast.

Wormcast Multi-Purpose Compost derives from feeding action of earthworms. As they ingest recycled paper and green waste, it is digested into a finely divided material. This serves to improve microbial activity and accelerates decomposition. The end result is Wormcast, one of the best, currently known, fertilisers in the world!

Wormcast typically contains a more diverse microbial population than other available composts. This has a noticeable impact on the fertility of your soil. Microbes create many important trace elements. The worm’s digestive system produces the most important of them.

This compost contains humus. It forms the dark brown of black mass of top soil. This is important as it stores a lot of plant nutrients. Wormcast compost contains various microbes that contribute to the formation of humus, giving your plants a long-term boost.

Wormcast makes a good soil additive, resulting in a boost for your plants. Regular usage of Wormcast reduces the occurrence of plant disease. This is often attributed to the microbes present inside of such fertilisers.

Application Rates:

Soil Based Applications

For trees, shrubs, bulbs, fruit trees, bushes, lawns, grass and vegetables:

1st application at 1 litre / sqm. Followed by annual applications 1 litre / sqm in spring & summer.

Best applied to surface soil. Lightly rake in. Nature takes the beneficial components to the root zone.

For planting trees, shrubs and root balled plants:

Back fill with your natural soil and 5% – 10% worm cast.

Compost/Growing Media Applications:

Use Wormcast as you would any other compost. For an additional boost of extra useful plant developing nutrients you can add in Elixir Gardens Rock Dust

To offer the best possible price smaller quantities under 40l Litres will be re-bagged into clear polythene bags for dispatch.

100% genuine unprocessed and unfiltered Worm Castings straight from the farm! This product can contain live worms.

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