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20%FE Soluble Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic & Moss Treatment


  • Recommended application rate: 800g – 1000g / 100sqm of soluble iron in 30-40 litres of water.
  • Iron Sulphate is very effective at treating and removing moss.
  • Great for improving the soil conditions for Azaleas, Rhododendrons and other Calcifuge (Lime Hating) Plants.
  • Ideal for Greening Grass and Turf, reducing likelihood of plant diseases.
  • Hardens turf and sward reducing muddiness in rainy wet weather, and reducing worm casts.


Elixir Gardens 20%FE Soluble Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic & Moss Treatment

Our iron Sulphate is an excellent choice if you are looking to remove a particularly stubborn moss infestation. This lawn tonic contains an “anti-caking” agent to stop it clumping up and blocking your watering cans or spray systems.

Using iron sulphate is a good way to combat iron deficiency, leading to healthier, stronger plants and giving them a richer green coloration. Whilst blackening moss, making it easier to see and remove.

As iron sulphate is Acidic it can be used to counter over-alkalinity in your soil, allowing Lime Hating plants such as Camellias and Heathers to thrive. It also reduces worm casts, making your garden less muddy and slippery during the rainier autumns.

Application Rate

Standard: 800g – 1000g / 100sqm dissolved into 30-40 litres of water. Stir well until granules dissolve.

Extra hardening and moss blackening: Dissolve 2.5kg – 3kg /100sqm into 30-40 litres of water, and stir well until granules dissolve.

Iron sulphate should be applied every 4 – 6 weeks, starting in the growing season from March to the end of august. If using to treat moss it is recommended you use the higher application rate for 1 application, and then wait for 5 – 14 days before scarifying the area to remove blackened moss. Then continue regular applications every 4 – 6 weeks at the lower concentration.


Iron sulphate can stain inorganic materials such as: Concrete, Wood, Stone and Paving Slabs. It is recommended to wear gloves when handling the product or dilute mixture at all times.
Pets should be kept off treated areas for at least one week and horses should be kept off treated areas for at least 4 weeks and prevented from grazing there.
This product absorbs water easily, so it is recommended to keep it away from water or moisture.
This product comes in bags and tubs up to 25kg.

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