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25 Kg Triple Super Phosphate Fertiliser N.P.K 0-46-0


  • Ideal for use on plants that produce fruit or flower.
  • An excellent source of phosphorus that can be used at any stage of plant life.
  • Effective additive for plants with phosphorus deficiencies.

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Triple Super Phosphate N.P.K. 00-46-00

Elixir Gardens Triple Super Phosphate is best used as an additive to soil, during a period of extensive nutrient growth. For example when your tomato plants are starting to develop fruits. During this period plants will use a lot of nutrients, including Phosphorus. Alternatively it can also be used very soon before planting, as it will give the new plants a larger source of Phosphorus when they need it.

Elixir Gardens Triple Super Phosphate Nutritional benefits:

Phosphorus 46%: Phosphorus is used by plants for most of their processes. From photosynthesis to cell division and energy storage. Abundant supplies of this mineral promote healthy root growth and vigorous early growth.

It is always recommended to test your soil for deficiencies before usage, as too much phosphorus can reduce the amount of other nutrients your plants absorbs from the soil.  Take care not to apply too much, or too early/late, as the phosphorus is subject to “fixation”. During this process the phosphorus reverts to forms that plants cannot easily utilise.

Recommended Applications:

Before planting out 30gms per square metre dug into 200mm
Top dressing during growing period 20/30gms per square metre every 6/8 weeks (water in thoroughly)

General soil Nutrient Applications

High requirement 60gms per square metre
Med requirement 30gms per square metre
Low requirement 15gms per square metre

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