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25Kg Soluble Sulphate of Potash Fertiliser


  • Krista SOP Suitable for Fertigation
  • Highly soluble, dissolves quickly
  • Ideal where high potassium levels are required with additional Sulphur
  • Suitable for crops with a high sulphur demand
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Sulphate of Potash/Potassium Sulphate Soluble Fruit Berries Tomato Fertiliser

KRISTA SOP (0-0-51 + 18S) suitable for fertigation and ideal where high potassium levels are required without additional nitrogen.

Suitable for crops with a high sulphur demand, KRISTA SOP has very low chloride content, is highly soluble and dissolves very quickly.



Apply at the rate of 10g per square metre. Ensure the surface is already damp. Spread evenly over the surface and rake into approximately 5cm of soil. Water in well immediately after spreading

Soluble Powder

Soluble Application: Dissolve 20g in 8 Litres of water. Stir the contents until the product is dissolved completely. Apply this to the soil surrounding the root system and spray liberally over the foliage. Reapply once a week over 3 weeks. Note: if applying on foliage it is recommended not to apply if temperature is above 30 degrees.

DRY APPLICATION: Apply at the rate of 15g per square metre evenly over the soil. Water in well immediately after applying.


Total K2O 51%
Total S 18%
Insolubles 0.1% Maximum
Chloride 1.0% Maximum

Smaller weights are repackaged into clear packaging to offer best possible value.

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Weight 25 kg


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