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Bone Meal Organic Sterilised All Purpose Plant Fertiliser - Tubs


  • Elixir Gardens Bone Meal is ideal for new plants and is especially great for trees, shrubs and root vegetables.
  • Bone Meal can be used all year round with an application rate of 135g/sqm.
  • We suggest applying once every 4 to 6 weeks, starting application in February and finishing application at the start of October.
  • Our Bone Meal has a high phosphorus content, this is great for helping plants grow quicker and stronger, whilst also preventing disease.
  • We advise you store this product under cover, in a cool dry place when not in use.
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Product Description


Our Elixir Gardens Bone Meal is perfect for using in both new and established gardens. This fertiliser aids your garden in growing effectively and healthily as well as helping to straighten flowers, plants and lawns. Our Bone Meal will also help to protect your garden from disease and rot.

Elixir Bone Meal Nutritional Advantages:

3.5% Nitrogen – This is a crucial for nutrient in chlorophyll development, ensuring that plants are supplied with enough food to continue growing.

Phosphorus Pentoxide 18%(7.9% Phosphorus) – An important mineral for plants as it is required for photosynthesis to occur, in addition to being a key part of all plant cells that ensures plants grow healthily.

The recommended application rate is 135g/sqm. After first application apply every 4 – 6 weeks from February to late October.

We have both reusable tubs and bags available, in size from 0.5kg all the way up to 25kg.

Please be aware – Bone Meal may not take effect in soils that have a pH above 7.

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