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Bone Meal Organic Sterilised Garden Fertiliser | 25kg Bag | Treats over 180m²


  • Excellent Value! A single bag is enough to treat over 180m² when applied at 135gsm.
  • 25kg organic Bone Meal ideal for new plants, trees, shrubs and root vegetables.
  • Apply once every 4 to 6 weeks, February to October.
  • High phosphorus content great for helping plants grow quicker and stronger.
  • Store under cover in a cool, dry place.

Product Description


Bone Meal Organic Sterilised All Purpose Plant Fertiliser | 25kg Bag

Our Elixir Gardens Bone Meal is perfect for use in both new and established gardens. This fertiliser adds phosphorous to your garden. This is essential for plants in order for them to flower. Using this fertiliser will help your flowering plants, like bulbs or roses, grow bigger with plenty of flowers.

It aids your garden in growing effectively and healthily. This fertiliser will also help to protect your garden from disease and rot.

Leafy plants and vegetables also benefit greatly from the Nitrogen content of Bone Meal. Stimulate their growth and green-up their foliage with the addition of this organic and natural fertiliser.

Bone Meal Nutritional Advantages:

3.5% Nitrogen – This is a crucial nutrient for chlorophyll development, ensuring that plants are supplied with enough food to continue growing.

Phosphorus Pentoxide 18%(7.9% Phosphorus) – An important mineral for plants as it is required for photosynthesis to occur. In addition, it also plays a key part in healthy cell growth.


  • The recommended application rate is 135g/sqm.
  • After first application apply every 4 – 6 weeks from February to late October.

Please be aware – Bone Meal may not take effect in soils that have a pH above 7. Test your soil before adding to your garden.

Store in a cool, dry place.

If you’d rather purchase this fertiliser in a resealable tub, click here.

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Weight 25 kg


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