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Bumper Crop Blueberry Special Fertiliser/Plant Food | N.P.K: 12-10-11+4Mg | 1kg makes up to 2000L of Feed


  • A COMPLETE FEED – Made to provide a complete soluble NPK feed for container or soil grown Blueberries, especially where the irrigation water contains more than 150ppm bicarbonates. 
  • MAXIMISE YOUR YIELD – Elixir’s Blueberry Special contains a balanced range of micro and macro nutrients to maximise the yield of your blueberries! Chelated micronutrients ensure they are fully available to the crop. 
  • Amazing Value! – Use as little as 0.5g per litre of water to apply! Making your money go further with our cost-effective feed. 1kg makes up 2000 litres of liquid feed!
  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE – Our feed dissolves rapidly in water to produce an acidic solution which reduces irrigation water pH and boosts growth. 
  • NITROGEN RICH – Selected types of nitrogen especially for the blueberry plant, giving you the perfect head start to your bountiful blueberry harvest. 
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Product Description


Bumper Crop Blueberry Special Fertiliser | N.P.K: 12-10-11+4Mg

Specially formulated, Bumper Crop Blueberry Special helps grow the perfect blueberries. Select types of Nitrogen and a balanced range of macro and micro nutrients maximise the yield of your crop. Added trace elements and micro nutrients are chelated to ensure they are fully available to the plant.
Due to consumer demand blueberries are becoming more and more popular and therefore an attractive crop. The cultural and nutritional requirements are a little unusual, so care is needed to optimise yields and quality. This Blueberry Special fertilizer was developed accordingly and is the ideal choice for today’s progressive Blueberry grower.

Rate of Use:

The standard rate is 1g of product per litre of water but this can be varied according to plant needs ranging from 0.5g to 2g per litre. Use lower rate for more sensitive plants (seedlings, potted plants under glass, conservatory, greenhouse) and the higher rate for rapidly growing outdoor plants. DO NOT exceed 2g per litre.


Applied via a normal watering can. Simply add the appropriate amount of feed to the can add water and apply liberally to the plant root area.

Frequency of use:

When plants are actively growing, apply feed at every watering.

Chemical Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) – 12%
(Of which)
NH4-N – 10.7
Ureic-N – 1.3
P2O5 (P) – 10.0 (4.4)
K2O (K) – 10.8 (9.0)
MgO (Mg) – 4.4 (2.7)
B soluble in water – 0.015
Cu chelated by EDTA –  0.017
Fe chelated by EDTA –  0.060
Mn chelated by EDTA –  0.034
BMo soluble in water – 0.001
Zn chelated by EDTA –  0.017
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Polythene Bag, Re-Sealable Tub


700g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg


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