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Bumper Crop | Ericaceous Feed Fertiliser - NPK 12-10-11 + 4


  • A COMPLETE FEED – Made to provide a complete soluble NPK feed for container or soil grown Ericaceous plants, especially where the irrigation water contains more than 150ppm bicarbonates. 
  • MAXIMISE YOUR YIELD – Elixir® Ericaceous Feed contains a balanced range of micro and macro nutrients to maximise yield! Chelated micronutrients ensure they are fully available to the crop. 
  • EXTREMELY POTENT – Use as little as 0.5g per litre of water to apply! Making your money go further with our cost-effective feed. 
  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE – Our feed dissolves rapidly in water to produce an acidic solution which reduces irrigation water pH and boosts growth. 
  • NITROGEN RICH – Selected types of nitrogen especially for ericaceous plants, giving you the perfect head start to your  harvest. 


Elixir Gardens® Bumper Crop | Ericaceous Feed Fertiliser – NPK 12-10-11 + 4

Ericaceous plants are plants that don’t like growing in soils that contain lime. They are also known as acid lovers or lime haters. This means they won’t grow well in soils that have a high pH – such soils are referred to as alkaline. Ericaceous plants include Rhododendron, Camellia, Azalea, Pieris, summer-flowering heathers (calluna) and even Japanese maples (Acer) among others.

Because most ericaceous plants – especially rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and heathers – are shallow rooted, they are prone to drying out during prolonged dry periods. So it is very important to keep the soil or compost moist. This is particularly important during the flower bud setting period in summer; if the soil or compost is allowed to dry out at this time bud set can fail. So water plants weekly during dry periods and mulch the soil well to preserve moisture.
Application rates:
Normally 0.5 -1g/litre depending on desired EC
Examples of ericaceous / acid loving plants:
Acer (Japanese maple)
Magnolia (except M. x loebneri and M. stellata)
Chemical Analysis: 
Total Nitrogen (N) – 12%
(Of which)
NH4-N – 10.7
Ureic-N – 1.3
P2O5 (P) – 10.0 (4.4)
K2O (K) – 10.8 (9.0)
MgO (Mg) – 4.4 (2.7)
B soluble in water – 0.015
Cu chelated by EDTA –  0.017
Fe chelated by EDTA –  0.060
Mn chelated by EDTA –  0.034
BMosoluble in water – 0.001
Zn chelated by EDTA –  0.017

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Polythene Bag, Re-Sealable Tub


700g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg


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