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Calcified Seaweed Organic Kelp Coral Fertiliser Soil Conditioner


  • Soil conditioner and improver.
  • Breaks down heavy soils & encourages the development of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Improves soil structure with nutrients.
  • Helps plants grow stronger root systems leading to healthier & more vigorous plant growth.
  • Rich in minerals, can be used as lawn dressing early in spring.


Calcified Seaweed | 500g-25kg

Calcifeed seaweed is a natural, organic conditioner for soils and lawns, made from seaweed calcium and sea shells. It helps break down heavy soils but also encourages the development of beneficial micro-organisms. Its effect is to improve the soil structure, which helps plants to develop stronger root systems. The result is healthier plants with more vigorous growth. As the product is rich in minerals, it can also be used as a lawn dressing early in Spring.

Smaller weights are repackaged into clear packaging to offer best possible value.

Application Rate : 75g per square metre

Note: This product is not suitable for use with ericaceous or acid loving plants.

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