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Bamboo Cane Caps | Pyramid, Top Hats & Triangular | Eye Protection, Tripod Plant Support


  • Variety of Cane Caps suitable for Bamboo Canes.
  • Made from strong, semi-flexible green rubber.
  • Wigwam Pyramid caps go on top of 3 canes to form a pyramid.
  • Top Hat caps have a thick round rubber end providing protection for the eyes.
  • Triangular Sleeve caps fit all our canes, provide protection for the eyes.
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Product Description


Bamboo Cane Caps | Wigwam Pyramids, Top Hats & Triangular Sleeves | Tripod & Plant Support

Avoid nasty accidents and cover the end of your garden canes with our selection of Cane Caps for bamboo canes. Simple but very effective Top Hat and Triangular caps will protect your eyes from the tips of canes. Our Pyramid caps allow you to form pyramid structures with your canes.

Small & Large Wigwam Pyramids

Our Small & Large Pyramid Cane Caps can be fitted on top of 3 canes to form a pyramid. Triangular in shape, they also provide eye protection. Made from a flexible green rubber material that gives slightly and thus holds varying thickness of canes firmly. It also removes the need for hand tying!

Top Hats

Our Top Hat Cane Caps provide the most protection for the eyes should they come into contact. With a large, thick rubber end these caps will cushion any impact. Made from soft, green rubber, they will fit varying sizes of canes with grooves on the inside to accommodate smaller canes.

Triangular Sleeves

Triangular Sleeve Canes Caps are the most universal caps we stock. They cane be used on all the canes we stock and provide ample protection for your eyes.

Cane Cap Sizing

Type Height Diameter Between the Holds Bottom Outside diameter Bottom Inside diameter
Top Hats 30mm 30mm 16mm 11mm
Triangular 37mm 10mm 8mm 5mm
Wigwam Pyramid Small 34mm 15mm 12mm 11mm
Wigwam Pyramid Large 60mm 15mm 18mm 11mm

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