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Clear Tree Guards | 18" & 24" Sizes | Optional Canes & Ties


  • Clear Tree Guards available in 18”/ 45cm and 24”/ 60cm with a diameter of 4/4.5cm.
  • Easy to fit due to the spiral cut design – helps avoid strangling the tree.
  • Ties and canes also available with tree guards.
  • Protect your plants and trees from cold weather conditions, chemicals and animals.
  • The clear PVC also allows natural light to come through the tubing not affecting growth.

Product Description


Clear Tree Guards | 18″ & 24″ Sizes | Optional Canes & Ties

Our Clear Tree Guards are made from hard-wearing PVC plastic. They’re perfect for wrapping around sapling trees and growing trees, providing protection from harsh weather conditions.

They are designed to wrap round young trees and canes while avoiding suffocation to the plant. There is also enough space to allow for air circulation. This is done though the fantastic spiral design which allows the tube to expand with the tree as it grows.

The clear PVC means that you can protect your plants while keeping the natural look of your garden or outdoor space. The clear material also allows for natural light to flow through the guard so the natural growth of the plant is not affected.

The guards are also a great tool for safeguarding your plants from pests, animals (e.g. rabbits) and chemicals. This means they can grow peacefully with minimal disruption to the growth process.

We stock our clear tree guards in sizes 18”/ 45cm and 24”/ 60cm with a diameter of 4/4.5cm. They are also available with the addition of tree ties and bamboo canes if your plants need additional support. For more information on cane and tree tie size please see the table below.


Product Length Diameter
Bamboo Canes 2ft/ 61cm 6 to 8mm
Tree Ties 9″/ 22cm

Our Tree Ties are made from a strong and durable HDPE, however the material is also soft and so is less likely to damage the branches of trees. Our plant ties are rot proof and being green they blend in well with your plants.

Terms & Conditions

Please note- Thickness is guaranteed for the thickest end of the bamboo, the thin end is guaranteed to be at least 70% the thickness of the listed size. Sizes may vary slightly.

Find our Brown Tree Guards here.

We also stock easy to install Tree & Shrub Defender+ guards. Find them here.

Additional information

Weight N/A

18"/ 45cm, 24"/ 60cm

Amount of Guards

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 250, 500

Optional Canes

Yes, No

Optional Tree Ties

Yes, No


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