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Complete Lawn 20kg | 4-in-1 Weed Feed & Moss Killer | 10-2-2+8 Fe | Covers up to 630sq.m



  • Contains a mixture of 3 specially selected weedkillers including Iron Sulphate, Dicamba and Mecoprop, for the control of broad-leaved weed species and moss on lawns.
  • Amazing Value! One 20kg bag of Complete Lawn will cover up to 640m² when applied at 32gsm.
  • A granular moss control product, easily spreadable by hand or conventional spreaders.
  • Made in co-operation with one of the UK’s leading fertiliser manufacturers, ensuring you are getting only the highest quality product.
  • Effective against: Common Dandelion, Creeping Buttercup, Creeping Cinquefoil, Daisy, Greater Plantain, Bird’s-Foot Trefoil, Lesser Trefoil, Mouse-Ear Chickweed, & more.

Product Description


Complete Lawn | Weed Feed and Moss Killer

How to Use

Application by hand:
Mark out areas to be treated. Apply evenly at 32 grams per square metre over the marked area by hand. It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product although this is not a requirement.
Do not apply in windy conditions. Keep off skin and away from eyes. Avoid walking on treated areas until it has rained or product has been watered in.
If spilt on paving, concrete etc., brush off immediately to avoid discolouration. If no rain falls within 48 hours of treatment, irrigate treated area.

Complete Lawn, Feed Weed and Moss Killer is effective against broad-leaved weeds of the following species:
Common Dandelion
Creeping Buttercup
Creeping Cinquefoil
Greater Plantain
Bird’s-foot trefoil
Lesser Trefoil
Mouse-ear Chickweed
Ribwort Plantain
Thyme leaved speedwell
White Clover
Large or perennial weeds may re-grow. Persistent weeds may require repeated treatments once new growth appears. 

The key to reducing moss and weeds is to have an effective all-year round management strategy incorporating the use of Elixir Complete Lawn, Feed Weed and Moss Killer.
Use the following non-chemical techniques  to reduce moss and weeds:
• Ensure the turf is healthy, weed, disease and pest free. This can be helped by fertilisation and regular maintenance.
• Soil aerating of the lawn to help to encourage the free passage of water & nutrients through the soil.
• Raking/scarifying to remove dead moss and fallen leaf debris to prevent the build-up of fibrous material which encourages weed and moss growth.
If all of these cultural management practices are followed in harmony with applications of Elixir Complete Lawn,  Feed Weed and Moss Killer then the reduction of mosses and weeds can be successfully achieved.


21.73 % w/w Iron Sulphate
0.057 % w/w Dicamba
0.286 % w/w 2,4 -D
and Mecoprop-P
For the control of broadleaved weed species and moss on lawns.
MAPP 19012

Please Note: To offer the best possible value for bags, smaller weights are repackaged into clear packaging with a black and white label and larger quantities will be supplied in manufacturer’s bags. Tubs will be plain white with a black and white label. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Supplied In

Polythene Bag, Re-Sealable Tub

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