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Complete Winter Lawn | Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed | 4-3-8 +4Fe +5%Ca +Te Treats upto 714sqm


  • Elixir Complete Winter Lawn is a Homogenous fertiliser great for reducing plant stress whilst your lawn maintains a healthy Green colour.
  • Our Autumn Winter fertiliser contains 5% calcium and Trace elements, this allows plant cell walls to strengthen and increases turf hardening to aid disease resistance in the colder months.
  • Perfect for protecting your plants from the harsh cold winter weather conditions such as Strong winds, Heavy rain, Ice and Snow.
  • Complete Winter Lawn contains both quick and slow release elements for fast and lasting effect. Recommended application rate of 35g per metre square from mid-September every 6-8 weeks or as required.
  • Contains 4% Iron to toughen your lawn and maintain a deep Green colour.
  • Amazing Value! A 25kg bag will cover over 700m² of lawn
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Product Description


Treats over 28 sqm per kilogram.

Our Complete Winter Lawn is a Homogeneous fertiliser containing both quick and slow release elements allowing for a quick action and prolonged feed in one application. It is fantastic for strengthening plants by thickening the cell walls within the lawn, this allows the grass to withstand the stronger winds, heavy rain, ice and snow that come with British winters.

Complete Winter Lawn fertiliser nutritional advantages:

Nitrogen 4%– This helps to gently feed but not over stimulate growth. Lowering Nitrogen maintains a feed supply to the lawn whilst being insufficient to stimulate an early, weak and disease susceptible growth.

Phosphorus 3%– Provides reduced but essential amount to strengthen disease resistance.

Potassium 8%– This makes for great plant strength aiding a solid start in the spring, effectively fortifying your lawn against stress damage and disease protection also helps with stress resistance and protect against disease over the Autumn and Winter.

Calcium 5% and Trace elements– To maintain plant cell wall strength promoting turf hardening and disease resistance.

Iron 4%– Helps the grass toughen and maintain its deep colour.

Our recommendation for application is to start applying at 35g per sqm in mid-September and to continue this treatment every 6 to 8 weeks while the weather is colder.

RHS recommend over the use of a Autumn Winter fertiliser on your lawn and plants over the winter months as a protective measure for the winter weather and get them off to a great start in the spring.

We supply our Autumn Winter Tough Turf fertiliser in bags as well as reusable tubs in a sizes up to 25kg.

Fertilisers will not work as effectively if applied in frosty or snowy weather.

Total Nitrogen (N) 4.0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 3.0%
Water-soluble P2O5 0.3%
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) 8.0%
Iron (Fe) 4.0%

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