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Digital Plug-In Thermostat | Temperature Control | TH-928T


  • A more advanced solution to regulate temperature at home, giving you total control over the attached device. An included Hot / Cold setting makes keeping things cool easy also.
  • Save money on your heating bills with this device – Regulating heating devices around your home can save you hundreds of £s per year!
  • Control range 5-30ºC | Accuracy +/- 1ºC | Made with highly accurate NTC thermistor coupled with a high performance control circuit for optimal accuracy.
  • Approximate size: 12cm long, 6cm wide, 4.5cm deep (not including prongs) | Maximum resistive load: 13A 3120W | Built-in Indicator light shows when the appliance is on/off.
  • Works great with Elixir Tube Heaters – Just search “Elixir Tube Heater” and select the size suitable for you (optional heater guards available).

Product Description


Digital Plug-In Thermostat | Temperature Control | TH-928T

Just plug your Digital Plug-In Thermostat into the socket, plug your appliance into the thermostat, set the required temperature and that’s it! The thermostat will stop and start your heater as the temperature rises and falls. Ideal for tube heaters, oil filled heaters, convection heaters and electric radiators. Readings are not accurate when used with a fan heater

Approximate size: 12cm long, 6cm wide, 4.5cm deep (not including plug in prongs).

Includes indicator light to show when the appliance is on/off.

Safety Precautions 

Do not plug extensions lead(s) into the thermostat.

Do not plug any device performing mechanical movement directly into the thermostat. Fans or other devices with exposed elements should not be left unattended. It is recommended you do not use our controller with these types of devices.

Do not insert any objects except a standard UK plug into the mains outlet.

Avoid moisture, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.

For indoor (or greenhouse) use only, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Maximum resistive load Maximum inductive load Operating temperature Temperature Control Range Precision
13A 3120W 9A 460W -10°c (14°f) ~ 70°c (158°f) 5°c (40°f) ~ 30°c (85°f) ±2°c


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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

1 review for Digital Plug-In Thermostat | Temperature Control | TH-928T

  1. max.carson (verified owner)

    Great device, easily the simplest to use I’ve come across and I’ve tried a few, unfortunately the manual isn’t that accurate, it should switch on at 5*C but doesn’t until 2.9*C, almost the same as my old one (3.2*C), but it keeps the greenhouse above freezing, if you just want frost protection buy this one.

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