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Dolomite Lime Bags | Magnesium Limestone | 500g - 25kg | Area coverage 10m² - 500m²


  • Perfect for countering acidic soil and increasing the pH levels.
  • Suitable for all gardens soils, helps plants grow healthily and remain sturdy year-round.
  • Best to be applied in spring and autumn on a day with no rain.
  • Ideal for usage with Brassicas, and for preventing Club Root in established or new gardens.
  • Application Rate: 50g – 70g /sqm (Top Dressing) or 300g /sqm (raises pH by 0.5 approximately).
  • Amazing Value! 25kg of Dolomite Lime will cover an area up to 500m² when applied at 50gsm.
  • Please note: 25kg Bags will be delivered in their original paper bag packaging.
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Product Description


Dolomite Lime Bags| Magnesium Limestone | 500g – 25kg | Area coverage 10m² – 500m²

Our Dolomite Lime Bags are the ideal way of increasing soil pH to 6.5, which is a safe pH for most plants including: brassicas, legumes and grasses, okra, peppers and celery. Applying Dolomite lime boosts plant growth and provides Magnesium and Calcium, which aids in the creation of seeds in fruits, as well as allowing for photosynthesis to occur. Calcium on the other hand, prevents plants from growing incorrectly, and allows proper cell wall formation, leading to sturdier and healthier plants.

Before using this product it is recommended to test your soil pH level and nutrients. Too much calcium and magnesium could damage plants. Whilst a soil pH being too high or low could cause problems for a lot of plants.

Prepare the garden bed before adding dolomite. Remove weeds and other unwanted vegetation, as well as other debris such as rocks and fallen branches. Rake the surface smooth for more even distribution.
Liming material, neutralising value expressed as CaO 56%. Percentage passing 150 micron sieve 82%. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 20% (Mg 12%).

Uses and Application Rates:

As a top dressing Dolomite Lime can be used with an application rate of 50g – 70g /sqm, this will serve to give plants a good boost to their calcium and magnesium supplies in soils with very little of these important minerals. If there has been no rain it is advised to water the application into the soil, but be careful as too much water, could wash Nitrogen out of the soil as well.
Dolodust is an effective way to increase the pH of soil, especially in areas where the soil is more acidic than normal. The type of soil affects how much of the product you should use. Below are 3 tables detailing this:

Clay Soil

Original pH of soil Kilograms / sqm Ounces / sq. yard
6.0 0.6 17 3/4
5.5 1 29 1/2
5.0 1.4 41 1/4
4.5 1.8 53

Clay Soils resist pH changes more than other types of soil. When working with clay soil, keep in mind that the quantity of Dolomite Lime required may change depending on how much clay is in the soil.

Loam Soil

Original pH of soil Kilograms / sqm Ounces / sq. yard
6.0 0.5 14 3/4
5.5 0.8 23 1/2
5.0 1.2 35 1/4
4.5 1.5 44 1/4

Loamy soils tend not to resist pH changes as much as clay soils, so less of the product may be required to increase pH.

Sandy Soil

Original Soil pH Kilograms / sqm Ounces / sq. yard
6.0 0.4 11 3/4
5.5 0.7 20 1/2
5.0 1.0 29 1/2>
4.5 1.3 38 / 14

Sandy Soils contain the least clay, requiring far less than both clay soils and Loamy soils to increase the pH.

We suggest you Store this product in cool, dry conditions away from children, pets and food. As the product is water soluble, and may cause skin irritation. Always wash hands after use.

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