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Dried Blood Fertiliser | N.P.K: 12-0-0 | 500g-25kg | Coverage of 14sq.m-700sq.m


  • Fast acting, organic and readily available form of nitrogen.
  • Start using in early spring to give your plants a healthy boost, and help maintain a healthy growth rate throughout the summer.
  • Especially beneficial to leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach and cabbage.
  • Excellent for use as a top dressing for foliage plants in the greenhouse or conservatory..
  • Application Rate 35g/ m².
  • Amazing Value! 25kg of Dried Blood is enough to cover an area well over 700m²

Product Description


Dried Blood Fertiliser | N.P.K: 12-0-0

Our Dried Blood Fertiliser Bags are ideal for use in conservatories, greenhouses, lawns and fields. It has a high nitrogen content which is essential for all plants, especially leafy plants/crops such as cabbage and lettuce. This fertiliser is 100% organic and is fast acting. We recommend you test your soil’s nitrogen levels before application. Too much nitrogen causes nitrogen burn on your plants.

The acid levels of soil can be raised through the addition of Blood Meal. Quickly raise Nitrogen levels in earth that has lost it’s nitrogen content through heavy planting.

Dried Blood, sometimes known as Blood Meal, is also sometimes used as a compost activator or accelerator due to its high Nitrogen content.

Elixir Dried Blood Nutritional Advantages:

12% Nitrogen: This is a crucial ingredient for plants to ensure healthy development of leaves and growth.


Our application recommendation is to apply 35g/m² in early spring, and apply every 3 – 4 weeks if needed.

Apply Dried Blood either as a top dressing to the soil, or dilute with water.

We supply our dried blood in bags as well as reusable tubs up to 25kg.

Caution: Do not use where cattle, sheep, goats or deer have access.

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Please note: To offer the best possible value – smaller weight bags are repackaged into clear packaging with a black and white label with all relevant information detailed and larger quantities will be supplied in manufacturer’s bags. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Additional information

Weight25 kg

500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

Supplied In

Polythene Bag, Resealable Tub

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