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Elixir Gardens 12” & 14” Black Plastic Easy Fill Hanging Baskets


  • Made from high quality polyethylene, durable and made to last for many seasons.
  • Unique design that allows for plants to be transplanted into the sides and top of the basket.
  • Features detachable lattices that can be used to hold plants in place without damaging roots, leaves or flowers.
  • Baskets are weather proof and are able to withstand rain, snow and wind.
  • Ideal for adding extra colour to walls and fences, allowing for cascading colour all summer long.


Elixir Gardens 12” & 14” Black Plastic Easy Fill Hanging Baskets

Elixir Gardens Easy Fill Hanging Baskets, are designed to be used by professional gardeners. Now available to home gardeners, allowing anyone to grow outstanding displays. They are made from high quality polyethylene, and are more durable than many other brands of hanging baskets on the market.

Their unique design allows you to plant your flowers and decorative plants from the outside in! Delivering an amazing appearance, similar to that of a balls of flowers in your gardens.

Each Basket comes with chains to hang them with, and detachable latticed patches to hold your plants in place once you have planted them into the basket.

Simply pass the plants through the pre-formed holes on the sides of the baskets, once your plants are in place simply slip the lattice gate in position and it will hold the plant inside, leaving the flowers and leaves outside. The Baskets are designed so that this process will not harm the plant in any way.

Unlike regular baskets that have plastic liners, the Easy Fill basket allows the roots of your plants space to “breathe” and ensures that each of the plants has enough space to reach its full potential. Once fully planted at the top, sides and bottom it will become an impressive “ball” of flowers.

We sell 2 sizes of hanging basket, the 12” baskets and the 14” baskets. To ensure that you get the best size for your garden.

Our hanging baskets are made from 100% recycled plastic

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