Bumper Crop High Phosphorus Fertiliser | N.P.K: 10-52-10 | 1kg makes 1000L to cover 200msq.m

  • Amazing value! 1kg dissolved at 1g per litre of water will make 1000L of feed, enough to cover 200m² at 5l per sqm.
  • Completely and readily soluble, even in cold water!
  • Includes the chelated micronutrients Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper which are vital for quality plant development is incorporated into the fertiliser to ensure stable solutions and ready availability to the plant.
  • To promote flowering and subsequent fruit production. Improves flavour and increases sturdiness of plants and shelf-life of fruit. Use from the onset of flowering until harvest time.
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Product Description

Bumper Crop High Phosphorus Fertiliser

Bumper Crop High Phosphorus Fertiliser is a great feed to encourage vigorous root growth and good plant establishment. Use early in the season when plants are young.


To encourage vigorous root growth and good plant establishment. Suitable for most crops in most situations and typically used early in the season when plants are young.
  • Good for helping new lawns take root and a great yield booster for potatoes.
  • Stimulated root development
  • Increased stalk and stem strength
  • Improved flower formation and seed production
  • More uniform and earlier crop maturity
  • Increased nitrogen N-fixing capacity of legumes
  • Improvements in crop quality
  • Increased resistance to plant diseases
  • Supports development throughout entire life cycle

Liquid Feed: Rate of Use –

The standard rate is 1g / litre of water. However this can vary anywhere between 0.5g / litre – 2g / litre. Use the lower rates for sensitive plants, such as pot plants under glass. The higher rates should be used on rapidly growing plants in outdoor soils. DO NOT exceed 2g / litre.

Liquid Feed Application:

Used in the same way as other water-soluble fertilisers. Feed is usually applied via a normal watering can. Simply add the appropriate amount of Feed to the can, add water and apply liberally to the plant root area. A very approximate guide is 5litres / square metre. Feed is best applied as a liquid feed whilst the plant is actively growing. Ideally alongside watering.

Foliar Spray:

Plants are designed to take up nutrients through their roots, but most nutrients can be absorbed through the leaves. Foliar feeding can give crops a valuable boost. Particularly if the root system is not functioning well due to drought, disease or pest attack and other stress factors.


Feed can be applied to plants foliage via a hand or knapsack sprayer or similar equipment. Whilst using a sprayer the following points should be observed: Use a sprayer nozzle that produces a fine mist. Only apply sufficient spray solution to to coat the leaves and stems with a film of moisture with little or no “run-off”. Carry out spraying on a calm day, but not during strong sunshine or high temperatures. The best time is late afternoon or evening. Postpone spraying if rain is imminent. If rain falls within 4 hours of spraying, re-spray the crops 3 or 4 days later. For application via hose-end diluters, please refer to the device manufacturer’s directions for use. If you are in an area with acute hard water, Soluble NPK fertilisers can dry on the leaves and leave unsightly residues. Rate of Use: Prepare a 0.05 – 0.1% (0.5 – 1.0 g / litre) solution and apply to coat the leaves and stems with a thin film of moisture, with little or no “run-off”. DO NOT exceed a 1g per litre concentration. Composition 1 : 5 : 1 NPK
Nutrient Content (%)
Total nitrogen (N) 9.7
Nitrate nitrogen (N) 0
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 7.2
Ureic nitrogen (N) 2.5
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 51.6(P:22.4)
Potassium oxide (K2O) 9.9(K:8.2)
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 3.0(Mg:1.9)
Boron (as polyborate) 0.025%
Copper (as EDTA) 0.010%
Iron (as EDTA) 0.175%
Manganese (as EDTA) 0.060%
Molybdenum (as molybdate) 0.005
Zinc(as EDTA) 0.075
Calculated EC at 1 gram per litre  0.7727 mS. Check out our range Bumper Crop Fertilisers here. Please note: To offer the best possible value – smaller weight bags are repackaged into clear packaging with a black and white label with all relevant information detailed and larger quantities will be supplied in manufacturer’s bags. Tubs will be plain white with a black and white label with all relevant information detailed. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.
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