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Elixir Gardens® Bumper Crop | Soluble Tomato Food / Fertiliser | 100g - 25kg


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Elixir Gardens® Bumper Crop Tomato Food / Fertiliser 

is a powdered feed that is fully water soluble and can be used at the rate of 1g per litre of water as soon as your first truss has set, feeding once a week. As soon as the third truss has set, increase feeding to 2-3 times a week. Not only are you getting a fantastic tomato food, you’re also getting a very economical buy.

Plant growth and chlorophyll production depend on nitrogen, and phosphorus helps tomatoes grow and cope with stress while aiding in energy production. Potassium fights disease, improves tomato quality and is also important to photosynthesis. These nutrients leach from the soil as tomatoes grow, so you must replace them, you can do so with our Tomato Food. 


The standard rate of dilution is 1 gram per litre, applying at 1 litre (diluted) per 10m². 

Although this is the standard rate, results can be varied. For sensitive species (or very young plants) the rate is reduced, typically, to 0.5g per litre. 

For vigorous plants which are fertiliser tolerant the rate can be increased, typically, to 2g per litre. These guidelines are an approximation only and you may need to adjust the mixture according to your own plants. 


Our product’s main composition has an NPK of 6-12-36, with an additional 3% Magnesium and trace elements:

Trace Elements Analysis

Boron (B): 0.025%

Copper (Cu): 0.010%

Iron (Fe): 0.070%

Manganese (Mn): 0.040%

Molybdenum (Mo): 0.0040%

Zinc (Zn): 0.025%

With the 6-12-36 + 3Mg + TE formulation, you know you’re buying a product that is packed with goodness. A typical tomato food would usually have an NPK of 4-4-6 (for instance) which means, in real terms, it’s made up of very little feed and a lot of water! Try Bumper Crop Tomato Food – once tried and used you will never look back!

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