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Fish, Blood & Bone | Multi Purpose Organic Fertiliser / Plant Food | NPK 5-5-6 | 25kg treats 360m² when applied at 70gsm


REVITALISE YOUR LAWN – After cutting the grass it loses a lot of nutrients stored in the volume of the cut grass. Fish, Blood and Bone will replace the nutrients lost and revitalise the grass, making for a denser sward and a healthier lawn.

HIGH IN NITROGEN – Fish meal contains a high amount of nitrogen which, through mineralisation, is taken up by the plant roots as a slow release fertilizer. It works very well not only with leafy plants like grass and lettuce but also with fruit like tomatoes and is suitable for all fruits, plants and vegetables. Supplementing this essential nutrient will provide great returns and a better yield.

REDUCE POLLUTION AND PLANT DISEASE – When we apply fish meal to a contaminated soil, bacteria that degrade harmful products like petrol, diesel or oil feed on it and thrive. It also reduces root rot, a plant attacked by root rot is unable to take up nutrients and will die off. This is reduced when fish meal is applied.

MAKES ROOTS GROW STRONGER – Blood fish and bone strengthens roots of plants. A stronger and deeper root system results in better plant growth, better crops and healthier and improved soils. When there is a lack of fertilizers in the soil, roots will produce many side-hairs to look for and extract as many nutrients they can find and extract from the soil. Most of these nutrients are then used for the growth and up-keep of these additional roots.

CAUTION: Although not always the case, it is known that dogs and other animals may be attracted to the smell of Fish Blood and Bone meal. Store away from the reach of children and animals. Always wear gloves while handling. Please note, this is an organic-based fertiliser and also has chemical additives.

Application Rates:

Before planting or sowing: Apply 140g/m² and lightly fork or rake in to the soil
As a top dressing: Apply 70g/m² around the plants and lightly fork in to the soil

Due to production issues the product may be supplied in an alternative 25kg Bag. Please be assured this is exactly the same product, application rates stated still apply.


Product Description


Fish, Blood & Bone Organic Fertiliser | 500g – 25kg Weights Available in Bags & Tubs

Slow Release Fertiliser

Fish, Blood & Bone meal strengthens garden plants, lawns, fruits and vegetables. It also improves the soil, the life of the bacteria in the soil and beneficial fungi such as mycorrhiza and micro bacteria. Fish, Blood & Bone cannot be taken up by the plants unless transformed (mineralisation) by bacteria from its organic state into an inorganic one. Mineralisation happens only when the conditions in the soil are right. It depends very much on the temperature of the soil, the water content, the pH, the amount of organic material, the time of application and the carbon in the soil.

It is important to use the fertilizer when the plant demands it. Each soil has also a saturation level of nutrients it can absorb: when there is too much fertilizer in the ground the plants will not use it and the precious fertilizer will run off or leach. Soil bacteria use some of the fertilizers, in particular fish meal, for their own growth and well being which encourages early season microbial life.

It is best to use a lawn spreader when applying the mixture, ensuring thin and even distribution. Any spillage will burn the lawn and you have to brush, spread and thoroughly water-in the overdose. Blood and fish dilutes, the bone meal remains on the surface and disappear in any cracks or be taken up by worms.


  • Planting trees, hedges, shrubs, plants in pots, perennials, bulbs.
  • As a lawn fertilizer.
  • As a surface fertilizer around garden plants.
  • Use the recommended amount.
  • Plants in pots, containers, window boxes.
  • Growing fruits and vegetables.
  • Activating bacteria in a compost heap.
  • To mix with potting compost if it has no added fertilizer.


If applying Fish, Blood & Bone by hand, always cover the hand with plastic gloves. You can also feed with a small measuring cup such as those you will find on top of liquid fertilizer bottles. The trick is to use Fish, Blood & Bone sparingly. Always mix it well with the soil and water the mixture.

Before planting or sowing: Apply 140g/m² and lightly fork or rake in to the soil

As a top dressing: Apply 70g/m² around the plants and lightly fork in to the soil

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