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Flexible Rubber Tree Ties with Buckle


  • Flexible Rubber Tree Ties made from durable and soft rubber.
  • Less likely to damage branches of trees.
  • Easy to use.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Available in 18″ and 24″.
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Flexible Rubber Tree Ties with Buckle

A popular choice for gardeners, these Flexible Rubber Tree Ties with buckles are ideal for securing trees and shrubs. They also come in handy for keeping vegetables upright, securing your garden hose in a coil, or bundling garden tools together. These versatile buckles can also be used for landscaping or forestry tasks, keeping indoor wires tidy and more.

They are made from strong and durable rubber to hold trees and other items securely in place. The rubber material is soft so it is less likely to damage plants, tree branches, or the support stake your tie is fixed to. The flexible material also allows for stretch as your tree or plant grows. The belt can be loosened by the buckle as the tree matures causing no damage to the tree. Our tree ties are strong enough to provide reliable support, yet flexible enough to secure plants to stakes without causing damage. The tough material is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions including high winds.

Available in 18″ and 24″, they attach easily to a variety of trees or plants. These rubber tree straps have a buckle so they can be adjusted as needed. The securing buckle comes with a collar to prevent the tree rubbing against the stake. They are easy to work with and install.

We stock a variety of different plant ties including:

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