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Frost Fleece Plant Protection | 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m & 8m Widths


  • Garden frost fleece ideal for winter protection of plants, seeds, cuttings and general overwintering.
  • High grade 17gsm fleece allows sunlight, air and moisture to filter through whilst providing protection.
  • Can be used in your greenhouse to help reduce the heating bill throughout winter.
  • Lay over newly sowed seeds or emerging crops to protect from insects and birds.
  • Only our 50m and 100m lengths come supplied as rolls, other measurements will come folded and boxed.
  • Please note: Due to current supply, other lengths (over 9 meters) will be supplied as separate folded 10m lengths e.g. 3m x 40m will come as 4 folded lengths of 3m x 10m. Please contact us should you specifically need one continuous length.
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Product Description


Frost Fleece Plant Protection | 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m & 8m Widths

Our high grade 17gsm Frost Fleece is ideal for winter protection of plants, seeds, cuttings and general overwintering. Use it in the the greenhouse to reduce heating bills over the winter months. Outdoor crops in planters and tubs can also be protected with this product.

The fleece acts like a floating mulch. It provides light shade and protection from wind and pests. It also helps keep temperatures more constant by filtering air movement to reduce wind chill.

Frost Fleece is great for laying over emerging crops and freshly sowed seeds like grass seed. The fleece provides light shade and protection from wind, insects and birds whilst allowing light and rainfall to pass through. This will ultimately improve growing conditions and germination.


Tunnel Cloches – Create a micro-climate to protect your fruit and vegetables against frost and birds.

Salad Crops – Ensure your salad crops are safe from frost damage, whilst also deterring birds and insects.

Seed Beds – Garden Fleece is ideal for the protection of newly planted seeds, especially lawns. The protective shelter will keep birds at bay, and provide optimum conditions for the seeds to grow quickly.

Pegs (2 pegs per linear meter)

Standard – Designed to make installation quick and easy, our square plastic pegs have a unique barbed design. As a result, they’re ideal for securing frost fleece in both hard and soft substrate.

Hooked – Made from tough, durable plastic, our hooked pegs are ideal for securing frost fleece as well as other types of ground cover. Well suited for long term use, the barbed shank ensures that the peg remains firmly anchored in the soil. The flat peg head is easy to gently hammered in with a rubber or wooden mallet. For applications where you wish to avoid puncturing the ground cover, the hooked peg can be used to secure the edges of the fleece instead.

Staples – Our galvanised steel pegs are ideal for holding down frost fleece in rough and stony ground. Therefore, they are a good choice if you’ll be using your fleece to cover stony soil or beds and borders topped with decorative stone.


In order for us to offer the best possible prices we cut this product bespoke from bulk rolls. Therefore, once your order has been cut, it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 2013 – part 3, paragraph 28, sub-paragraph B.

To offer the very best possible value to our customers we will wherever possible dispatch your purchase using the most economical courier service available to us. This is often subject to length and packaging restrictions meaning for example items advertised as rolls maybe folded into boxes and wide width rolls maybe manufactured folded etc. If you require your items dispatched in a particular manner you must inform us at the time of order.

ALSO NOTE: Multiples of 10m (up to 50m) in all widths will be supplied as separate 10m packets.
50m, 100m and 250m will be supplied as rolls
All other sizes will be cut from a bulk roll -OR- supplied as separate 10m packets + 5m cut length.
E.g. 2m x 25m = 2m x 10m (x2) + 5m cut length.

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