Full Size Seed Trays | Optional Lids | Cell Packs 24, 40, 60 & 5 Strip

  • Our full size trays can hold 4 litres of soil or other potting medium.
  • Optional lids and cell packs of the 24, 40, 50, 60 and 4 & 5 cell strips, can be ordered along with the trays.
  • All our trays, lids and cell packs are durable and can be used multiple times.
  • Cell packs can be broken up into strips or cells, depending on what you need.
  • Trays measure 344mm long x 214mm wide x 52mm deep, and a table of measurements for cell packs can be found in the description below.
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Product Description

Full Size Seed Trays with Optional Lids and Cell Packs

Full Size Seed Trays

Our full size seed trays are excellent for use in outhouses, greenhouses and gardens. The polythene tray is durable and fits a range of uses, including propagation as well as bedding for young plants. The tray can hold 4 litres of soil or other potting media and has handy drainage holes to aid water irrigation in the tray. These trays can hold 2 of our half size seed trays into it and can hold either 1 of our full size inserts or 2 of our half size inserts. These trays measure 344mm long x 214mm wide x 52mm deep. They are made from the most economical and robust materials currently available on the market.

Full Size Seed/Gravel Tray Lids

Optionally you can also get a full size lid to fit the tray. This will aid in moisture retention in the tray. In turn, plants germinate faster leading to stronger growth. The addition of a lid can also be handy to help acclimate indoor-grown plants to the outside, if exposed slowly to air and temperature conditions of the outside. Keep in mind when using a lid, it should always be removed when plants reach germination. Alternatively in areas where humidity is less than 50% it can be used to help improve airflow if the lid is propped open at the bottom. Each of our lids measures 383mm long x 243mm wide x 68mm deep. Being slightly larger than the trays allows easier access to remove the lid when necessary and keeps the contents of the tray safe.

Full Size Inserts/Cell Packs

Our full size cell packs are ideal for use with our full size seed or gravel trays, to provide extra support and protection to plants that grown inside an insert. Each of our full size cell packs fits snugly into a full size tray and come in varieties of 24, 40, 50 and 60 cell packs, as well as 4 Cell Strips and 5 Cell Strips. See table below for a list of cell sizes for each insert.
Cell Pack Type Length of Cell Width of Cell Depth of Cell
24 Cell 52mm 50mm 50mm
40 Cell 40mm 40mm 50mm
50 Cell 31mm 41mm 50mm
60 Cell 30mm 33mm 50mm
4 Strip 212mm 88mm 45mm
5 Strip 212mm 61mm 45mm
If you require trays without holes, find our Full Size Gravel Trays here.

Please note:

Keep in mind that all measurements are approximate.
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