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Galvanised Steel Ground Pins | 40mm Width



  • Strong Galvanised Steel Staples.
  • Easy to hammer or push into the ground.
  • Perfect for rough ground or stony soils.
  • 40mm x 155mm.
  • Perfect for Artificial Grass, Astro Turf, Ground Cover, Frost Fleece & Mulch Fabric.
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Product Description


Galvanised Steel Ground Pins | 40mm Width

Galvanised Steel Ground Pins are perfect for a variety of gardening and outdoor purposes. Strong and sturdy as well as weather resistant they’ll last for many years to come. Simply pull them out of the ground, clean them and use again. The galvanised (zinc-plated) finish is weather resistant and won’t rust or degrade.

Ground Cover

Steel Pins are an excellent choice for securing any type of ground cover. Woven varieties and Mulch Membrane require securing to the ground to maximise effectiveness. Pins will fix the cover to the ground and ensure it remains there in high winds and harsh weather conditions. 

Frost Fleece

The slimline design of the pins only create very small holes in the material they puncture. This ensures that delicate coverings such as Frost Fleece aren’t damaged or torn at the edges when being anchored to the surface.

Artificial Grass

Unlike the large square heads of Plastic Pegs, the steel pin’s narrow profile is barely visible amongst artificial grass or astro-turf. A discreet yet secure solution for anchoring turf to the ground.

Replacement Tent Pegs

Tent pegs are easy to misplace or lose when on a camping trip. Our pins are the perfect replacement.

We also stock 100mm width Steel Staples. Find them here.

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