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If a product has 2 quantities to select from, this means we sell that product in bulk. For instance, if you were to buy 50 x White Plant Labels – 3 times, you would receive 150 total. We do this to save you money on higher quantity orders.

Artline Garden Marker Gardeners Fine Nib Labelling Pen (Black)


Gardeners Fine Nib Labelling Pen (Black)

  • Our Fine Nib Labelling Pens are ideal for writing on all sizes of plant label from our Large T Labels to our colourful Loop Lock Labels.
  • This selection of pens are waterproof making them perfect for use in gardens in all weather conditions.
  • Great for writing on a range of surfaces, including all types of plant labels and on glass.
  • Long lasting ink allowing plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs to be clearly marked.


Artline Gardeners Fine Nib Labelling Pen (Black)

Our range of fine nib labelling pens are fantastic on a great range of surfaces. Made especially for writing on plant labels, but can also be used on plastic sheeting, metal sheeting and can even be used for writing on glass.

This design of labelling pen has been made for use in outdoor spaces, meaning the ink is long lasting and waterproof, allowing your plants, flowers, trees and shrubs to stay clearly labelled.

We also stock a great range of durable plant labels, in many colours and sizes for all purposes.

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