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Big Drippa Watering Kit | Greenhouse Plant Irrigation for up to 6 Plants


  • The water bag holds an impressive 10.5 litres of water.
  • Hardwearing, high quality and long lasting design.
  • Great for uses in greenhouses.
  • Fantastic product to use while away for the weekend.
  • Reservoir disperses over a 24 hour period, depending on flow rate.

Product Description


Big Drippa Watering Kit | Greenhouse Plant Irrigation for up to 6 Plants

The Big Drippa Watering Kit is a gravity fed watering system. Its hassle-free, cost effective and more environmentally friendly than hoses or watering cans. Big Drippa is a self contained system, and ideal for use in areas where there is no mains water supply. Traditional watering via hose or can is often wasteful. Typically water overflows from the surface of the soil, unable to properly penetrate deep to the plant roots. The slow, steady delivery of drip systems ensures less waste water and a far more even distribution in the soil.

Often likened to a hospital I.V. drip, the all-in-one kit contains everything you need. The system features a 10.5 Litre water reservoir bag, 5 metres of irrigation tube (both made from recycled PVC) and 6 adjustable polycarbonate drippers. Easily fit the system to standard greenhouse extrusions using the hardware included. It’s ideal for grow bags, pots, planters and flower beds. Thirsty plants such as tomatoes, beans and peas benefit from the steady supply of water.

The reservoir will drain over a 24 hours, depending on flow rate of each dripper. Plants remain sufficiently watered for a two day period – perfect if you are away for the weekend.

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