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Garland Half Size Seed Trays | Heavy-Duty Plastic | G18G Green | 1 - 100


  • Manufactured from 2mm injection moulded plastic.
  • Perfect for seedlings and cutting for the growing season.
  • Can be used for transporting pots, inserts and growing media easily.
  • Strong and durable, they can be reused for many years to come.
  • Dimensions: 23cm (9″) x 17cm (6.5″) x 6cm (2.5″)

Product Description


Garland Half Size Trays

Garland Half Size Seed Trays | Heavy-Duty Plastic | G18G Green | 1 – 100

These Half Size Seed Trays from Garland are probably the strongest and most robust on the market. Manufactured from tough 2mm injection moulded plastic, they will provide many years service. The trays feature multiple 2-tier drainage cells to help prevent waterlogging and encourage healthy, vibrant plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Size: 23cm (9″) x 17cm (6.5″) x 6cm (2.5″)

Material: 2mm injection moulded plastic

Colour: Green

We also stock these trays in Black.

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