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Granular Sulphate of Ammonia Fertiliser Grade 21-0-0 Supplied In Tubs


  • Beneficial to leafy plants and crops such as Lettuce, Brassicas, Leeks and Onions.
  • Fast acting Nitrogen based fertiliser.
  • Recommended to be used from March to August.
  • Application Rate: 20 – 35g/m2.
  • Increases soil acidity.

Product Description


Our Ammonium Sulphate is an ideal solution to Nitrogen and Sulphur deficiencies within the soil, or to fertilise high alkalinity soils, allowing a more diverse selection of plants to be grown in an area. This is highly beneficial to leafy green plants as well, as it gives them a boost to their early growth, and provides them with a supply of Sulphur for later growth.

Suggested Usage Rates:
For Lawns:
The suggested application rate is 24g/sqm for usage on lawns, as grasses are quite sensitive to pH levels in the soil. However they do still benefit from the nutrients in this fertiliser.
After any use of this product it should be noted that you should water your lawn or field thoroughly in order to maximise its effectiveness.

For Vegetables:
Apply 35g/sqm as a top dressing to the soil surface and fork it in well.

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers:
Use 35g/sqm around established plants, whilst gently forking the fertiliser into the soil. Take care not to disturb the roots of the plant, and ensure that the fertiliser does not directly touch the stem or leaves to avoid “scorching”. After application water well.

Before use it is recommended to check the pH levels and Nitrogen/Sulphur levels within the soil, to avoid increasing acidity of the soil too much or over exposing plants to these minerals.
This fertiliser can “scorch” plants if applied directly onto them, it is common for it to be forked into the soil around the plants, or mixed with water and sprayed over them as a diluted solution to minimise this.

Elixir Gardens Ammonium Sulphate Nutritional Benefits:

Nitrogen 21%: Nitrogen is key to the growth of leafy, green plants. It is a part of the chlorophyll, which make the leaves and stem green and allows photosynthesis to occur. Deficiencies of Nitrogen can be identified via pale green or yellow leaves due to a lack of chlorophyll. As these symptoms are similar to Sulphur deficiencies you can differentiate them by looking for a red colour along the veins on the leaves which shows that they are nitrogen deficient.

Sulphur 24%: Sulphur is considered an essential mineral as it is used to create important enzymes, and assists the plant in the formation of its proteins allowing it to grow much more healthily. A deficiency of Sulphur can be spotted by looking for plants that are overall a paler green or yellow colour. This will also stunt the plants growth significantly.


It is advised that you wash hands and exposed skin after use and wear gloves.
Keep this product away from pets and children.
This product can contaminate ponds, waterways and ditches if it, or its container ends up there.
We recommend that you completely empty the container and dispose of it safely.

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