Green Bulb Planting Baskets | 26cm & 30cm Diameter Sizes

  • Supplied with a FREE 50g Bag of Bulb Starter Fertiliser/Soil Improver with every 5 Baskets purchased.
  • A simple and effective way for planting and re-planting bulbous flowers.
  • Change displays easily by just removing the basket with the bulbs and flowers intact, ready to store once out of season.
  • Create amazing flower displays by using multiple baskets stacked on top of one another in a pot. With the benefit of knowing they can be taken out and planted in the garden or replaced as necessary!
  • Constructed from strong and study plastic that will last many growing seasons.
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Product Description

Green Bulb Planting Baskets | 26cm & 30cm Diameter Sizes

Green Bulb Planting Baskets are a simple and ingenious way of planting and lifting all your bulbs. They’re incredibly useful for planting or re-planting bulbous flowers. Another common use for planting baskets is placing bulbs in the trays, stacked on top of another, in a single pot or hanging basket. This method creates full and vibrant displays and is an easy way to arrange and exchange flowers in a display. The quick and easy process of changing the baskets means you can move them to another location easily. This ensures minimal risk to your flowers/plants. Plant a huge variety of plants and flowers in planting baskets from tulips and daffodils to snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths. You’ll have the added advantage of getting of being able to start your planting off early in a greenhouse or polytunnel. When plants have developed in a warmer environment over the colder months, plant straight into a pot, basket or flower bed. At the end of the season all that’s needed is to remove the basket from the soil/compost and it can be reused the following year. The resilient design and plastic construction will ensure these planting baskets can be used for many years to come.
Made from robust plastic. Diameter 26cm size.
How to use:
  • Dig out a planting hole at the right depth (usually 5-6 inches)
  • Use some excess soil and fill the bottom of your basket(s) along with the bulbs.
  • Continue to bury the basket complete with the bulbs.
  • Once the growing season is over after flowering, simply lift your basket and leave no stray bulbs. Makes winter storage extremely easy and simple.

Bulb Starter Application Rate:

We’d recommend applying Bulb Starter at 100g/m2, to ensure that your soil gets the proper nutrition it needs to continue thriving. We recommend applying this during the summer when micro-organisms in the soil are most active. However, it can be applied just before planting to ensure that plants get the maximum benefit throughout summer. We also stock Black Bulb Baskets. Find them here.
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