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Growing Success Glue Band Traps | Grease Bands


  • Length: 1.75m. Covers approximately 8 trees.
  • Pesticide free barrier suitable for organic gardening.
  • Protects trees from moths, ants, earwigs and other crawling insects.
  • Coated with non-drying glue to provide a sticky barrier on the tree.
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Product Description


Growing Success Glue Band Traps | Grease Bands

Our Glue Band Traps cover approximately 8 trees. The total length is 1.75m.

Glue Bands or Grease Bands protect your plants from common winter moths who lay their eggs in trees. The sticky barrier stops the wingless female moths from laying eggs which cannot then be hatched into caterpillars who then in turn eat the young leaves and fruit.

Grease Bands also stop ants who eat the prey of friendly predators which are beneficial to the health of the tree.

These bands are coated on one side with non-drying glue to stop the insects.

Ties included.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove any moss or lichen before applying the grease band.
  • Apply in early Autumn and keep in place until the following Spring.
  • Re-apply between May and August to protect from ants, earwigs and other crawling pest insects.
  • Place the glue bands around the tree trunk below the lowest branch and 50 – 80cm above the ground.
  • If the tree is supported by a stake, make sure the stake is also banded.
  • Cut off a sufficient amount to wrap around the tree trunk with an overlap of 10cm.
  • Unfold the glue band and wrap it around the tree with the glue side outwards.
  • Once in place tie the band at the top and bottom, above and below the glue area.
  • Try to avoid debris attaching to the glue band as this could provide a bridge for insects to cross.

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