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Growing Success Plum Maggot Traps


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Growing Success Plum Maggot Traps

Plum Maggot Traps offer complete protection against moth eggs that will develop into hungry caterpillars come spring. The main cause of maggot damage in plums, damsons and gages is due to the caterpillars produced by the plum fruit moth. Female winter moths lay eggs in trees. The eggs hatch out into caterpillars which feed ravenously on fruit in early summer. The Growing Success Plum Maggot Monitoring Trap allows gardeners to assess the infestation problem and treat with a suitable insecticide if necessary.

When to Use Maggot Traps

Male moths fly and mate on warm nights from mid-May to the end of July – place the trap in the garden mid-May.

How to Use:

  • Unfold the sticky insert and place sticky side up in the base of the trap.
  • Open the foil sachet and place the monitoring lure on the middle of the sticky trap.
  • Hang the trap at head height on the windward side of the tree of trees. The trap will monitor moths for three average size trees up to 12 metres apart.
  • Inspect the traps regularly. If more than 12 moths are trapped per week, treat with a suitable insecticide.
  • Replace sticky glue insert and monitoring lure after 6 weeks of use and dispose of the old safely.
  • Remove trap early September and dispose of the sticky insert and monitoring lure.

We also stock Apple Maggot Traps. Find them here.

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