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Heavy Duty Plastic Trays | Garden, Growbag, Boot, Carry & Storage Trays | 5 Sizes


    • Strong & highly durable trays.


    • We stock a variety of sizes, suitable for any garden, greenhouse, allotment or home.


    • Environmentally friendly & made from recycled materials.


    • Has a fantastic range of uses around the house & garden, from growing and horticulture to DIY and storage.


  • Heavy-duty, water tight design.

Product Description


Heavy Duty Plastic Trays | 5 Sizes

Standard & Deluxe Growbag Trays

Ideal size for greenhouse use, these trays accommodate a full size grow bag and feature a series of horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray which aid drainage and allow water flow under grow bags or plant pots. Suitable for use indoors and out, they keep water in and help prevent compost from spilling out.
Colour: Black
Standard: 98cm x 40cm x 6cm
Deluxe: 100cm x 40cm x 4cm

Garden/Household Large Tray

This tough, injection moulded tray has a number of valuable applications. It will easily accommodate a full sized grow bag and thereby considerably reduces the required frequency of watering. It is equally useful as a water reservoir tray for pots and seed trays. A series of shallow horizontal ridges feature on the internal base of the tray which can aid drainage.
Material: Recycled polypropylene
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 117cm x 40cm x 4cm

Garden/Household Giant Tray

This tray has proved popular when used by private and commercial gardeners alike as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered. The tray can be filled with grit or capillary matting if preferred. Its sheer size means that by simply filling the tray with a depth of water, a large number of plants can be watered in minimal time.
The internal capacity is 28 litres. A series of shallow horizontal ridges feature on the internal base of the tray which can aid drainage. The tray will fit perfectly on most greenhouse staging and also fits neatly on to commercial ‘Danish Trolley’ shelves.
Material: Recycled polypropylene
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 120cm x 55cm x 4cm

Chieftan Tray

Large mixing tray, great for mixing cement, concrete, mortar, sand or other building materials. Great gardening tray for use in the garden – use for plant pots, gravel, potting, under grow bags etc. Perfect for the kids too, for messy play in the garden and for use with sand and water tables. A multitude of uses.
Colour: Green
Dimensions: 64.5cm x 49.5cm x 12cm

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