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High Nitrogen Liquid Plant Food | N.P.K 20-0-10 | 10L covers 2500m²


  • Greens up lawns and turf.
  • Boost the growth of leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Potassium content encourages flower and fruit yields.
  • N.P.K: 20-0-10
  • Recommended application rate: 4-8ml per litre of water

Product Description


High Nitrogen Liquid Plant Food | N.P.K 20-0-10 | 10L covers 2500m²

When to Use:

High Nitrogen Liquid Plant Food is perfect for the beginning of the growing season, right through to late autumn/early winter. It’s ideal where high nitrogen levels are required without additional potassium. Lawns, turfs and leafy plant and vegetables particularly benefit for increases in nitrogen. It stimulate chlorophyll production and encourages growth. As a result crops strengthen and ripen, increasing yields and defending against disease.
The potassium content promotes better quality blooms. This means it’s great for flower beds, hanging baskets and planters.

Application Rates:

4-8ml per litre of water applied at 1 litre per sqm via sprayer or watering can. Excellent value for money! 1 litre of our High Nitrogen Liquid Fertiliser will cover an area up to 250m²

Further Information:

For young plants, early season & first applications always apply at the lower rate, increasing for established plants/turf and into the high season.
To promote flowering and subsequent fruit production use from the onset of flowering, until harvest time.
Recommended feed is twice per week. More frequent feeding is possible but care must be taken not to overfeed. Individual plant requirements vary greatly.

Contains (W/V)
Total Nitrogen (N) as20.0%
Nitric Acid (N)0.0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)0.0%
Ureic Nitrogen20.0%
Total Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5)0.0%
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O)10.0%

Note: Colour may vary from batch to batch, this does not affect the efficacy of the product.

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