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Himalayan Pink Salt Block | Cooking, Grilling , Livestock Feed, Decorative Wall


  • 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt Block.
  • Ideal for use in the kitchen as a naturally antibacterial chopping surface.
  • Shave off pieces for cooking and dressing food.
  • Ideal as a salt mineral lick for livestock and horses.
  • Can be used to build interior feature wall – provides dry, cleansed air.
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Product Description


Himalayan Pink Salt Block | Cooking, Grilling , Livestock Feed, Decorative Wall

Mined in the ancient Himalayan Mountains, our Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are completely natural and have been hand cut for different uses. Use as a chopping board, cooking block, or a starter trays for fresh foods. They can also be pre-heated in ovens to cook and grill fresh meat and fish. The block will add to the flavour of your dish as it cooks.

As well as cooking, they can also be used to create spa areas, walls and partitions. Ambient lighting can be placed behind the blocks. As a result, you have a beautiful pink glowing effect.

These salt blocks are also a popular way of offering horses and cattle a natural form of salt in the form of a salt lick. It’s more weather resistant than conventional white licks. Therefore, it makes it perfect for hanging outside to feed your animals.

These blocks of salt are naturally antimicrobial, therefore they require no additional cleansers for cleaning, simply wipe down.

Approximately 10.2″ (26cm) Long x 3.9″ (10cm) Wide x 2.1″ (5cm) Deep.

Salt Block Uses

  • In the kitchen as a naturally antibacterial cutting and chopping surface.
  • Heat in the oven to use as a grilling slab for meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Shave or chip off pieces of salt for cooking and dressing food.
  • Ideal as a salt mineral lick for feeding livestock and horses.
  • Interior walls and partitions can be constructed from the bricks to provide naturally dry, cleansing air.

Please Note: Our salt blocks are entirely unbranded, logo in picture is digitally placed and solely for image copyright.

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