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Hoof & Horn Organic Fertiliser | N.P.K 13-0-0 | 25kg Bag | Covers up to 750m²


  • Amazing Value! This single 25kg bag will cover up to 750m² when applied at 35gsm.
  • Elixir Gardens Hoof and Horn is perfect for promoting growth of the roots and leaves of your shrubs and vegetables.
  • Our hoof and horn fertiliser is 100% organic.
  • Contains 13% Nitrogen, which is essential to the Development of Chlorophyll.
  • Slow Natural Release of Nitrogen, Ensuring good Growth over 4-5 months.

Product Description


Hoof & Horn Organic Fertiliser | N.P.K 13-0-0 | 25kg Bag | Covers up to 750m²

Hoof & Horn is perfect for use on lawns with shrubs or leafy green plants, as well as in industrial farming with in fields for produce such as, corn, tomatoes and brassicas and other vegetables. This fertiliser typically degrades 4-5 months after application.

Specialised in slowly releasing nitrogen, Hoof & Horn promotes healthy leaf and root growth. Regular application will keep your lawn looking healthy and green year-round.

We recommended that you fork this into the soil before use in gardening.

Hoof & Horn Nutritional Advantages:

13% Nitrogen: This is a key nutrient to plants helping to ensure healthy leaves and growth.

Our application recommendation is to apply 70 g/m² at the start of the growing season. This ensures healthy and even growth over the next 4-5 months. Alternatively if transplanting plants/vegetables you can use a rate of 35 g/m². This means transplanted plants are able to take root successfully.

Blend with other fertilisers if necessary in order to ensure plants get all the nutrients they need.

We supply our Hoof & Horn in Polythene Bags as well as Reusable Tubs up to 25 kg.

Caution: This fertiliser must not be used near or around cattle, sheep, goats, deer or any other life stock that may have access to the area.

Find our range of ORGANIC FERTILISERS here.

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