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Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Peat Pellets | Organic Seed Propagation & Composting Medium


  • We are authorised dealers of Jiffy Extra Deep Peat Pellets.
  • This design of Jiffy peat pellets is easy to use, as well as being great for both professional and amateur gardeners.
  • Easy to re-hydrate, as well as expanding to a size of 36mm x 75mm, 50mm x 95mm and 50mm x 150mm.
  • Jiffy products are extensively tested before entering the market, allowing the peat pellets to consistently be hard wearing and durable.
  • Our range of Jiffy pellets are great for encouraging strong and stable root growth for cuttings and seedlings.

Product Description


Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Peat Pellets | Organic Seed Propagation & Composting Medium

Our Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Peat Pellets are used by professional and amateur growers around the world for an array of applications. Jiffy is a clean, cost-effective rooting medium well suited to the propagation of many different crops. Hydroponic growers tend to favour Extra Deep Pellets. They typically have the best germination rates.

These extra deep pellets are easily re-hydrated, ready for use by hand, or during the normal irrigation cycle.

Jiffy 7 offers growers a quicker rooting process as well as stimulating strong and fibrous root development within the plug. This results in a decrease in crop cycle times of up to 25% in addition to producing stronger plants.

This range of Jiffy pellets are manufactured from peat carefully harvested from bogs which are subject to stringent controls to ensure minimal environmental impact.

How to use:

1. Put the blocks in a planting tray, pot or seed tray of appropriate size.

2. Soak the block with lukewarm water and pour off any excess water.

3. Sow seeds or plant cuttings, and position the trays in a bright place.

4. Take care to avoid frost, and gradually expose the sprouts to the sun.

5.Never overwater them, or let them dry out.

6. When watering them, make sure to water thoroughly.

7. To protect the sensitive roots make sure to completely cover the Jiffy coir grow block in the flower bed, or pot that you are using when planting them.

Jiffy continuously test and upgrade to conform to the highest greenhouse quality standards for customers.

We are an authorised dealer for Jiffy Products. Please be aware of cheap imitations, as the results you will get from them when growing and propagating will not be the same as the genuine article.

For more information on sizes, please refer to the table below.

Pellet Sizes De-hydrated Dimensions Hydrated Dimensions
36mm x 75mm Extra Deep Peat Pellets 34mm x 18mm 36mm x 75mm
50mm x 95mm Extra Deep Peat Pellets 50mm x 24mm 50mm x 95mm
50mm x 150mm Extra Deep Peat Pellets 50mm x 36mm 50mm x 150mm

Please Note

Numbers advertised represent the average package content

In our drive to offer the most competitive prices possible and to maximise efficiencies, many small items are weighed rather than counted e.g. 100 x 4” plant labels or 300 x jiffy pellets etc. For the most part this method is successful and delivers the accurate number, however on occasion actual numbers received may be plus or minus a small amount. In this situation we will not be able to send any perceived missing items or expect any to be returned.

Find our range of JIFFY products here.

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