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Jiffy Biodegradable Peat Square Strip Pots 5cm with Slits 12 per Strip


  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic seeding pots.
  • This range of Jiffy Peat Strip Pots help to produce healthy and strong plants.
  • Easy tear away peat strips to suit your needs.
  • Help prevent fragile root systems.
  • Ideal for use when planting seeds and small cuttings in greenhouses, gardens spaces and nurseries.


Jiffy Biodegradable Peat Square Strip Pots 5cm with Slits 12 per Strip

Our ranges of genuine Jiffy Peat 5cm Strip Pots are fantastic for planting seeds and cuttings. They are used by professional growers but are also great for home gardeners too. They are a highly popular resource for any gardener, as well as being good to use in allotments, greenhouses and nurseries.

These peat strips pots are seen as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic plant pot. The other great aspect of these strip pots is they are easy to separate to fit any space as required.

Jiffy peat strips are also proven to have the best germination rate compared to any other similar style of pots. They are a favourite of hydroponic growers, this is because of the health and strengthening benefits of using peat planters. This range of planting strips also stops the inflammation of fragile roots within young plants.

We are an authorised Jiffy seller, meaning that all of our Jiffy products are genuine.

Be aware that there are many cheap imitations available, but the product is not up to the same standers as Jiffy products and will fall short to standards held by the Jiffy brand.

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