Jiffy Peat & Coir Pots | Organic Biodegradable Plant/Flower Pots & Seed Propagation

  • Genuine Jiffy products from an authorised dealer.
  • Bio-degradable Peat and Coir pots, ideal for garden and nursery use.
  • Allows roots to grow straight through them, providing healthier root systems.
  • Ideal for use in hydroponic systems, to speed up growth.
  • Be wary of imitation pots, they will not provide the same results as the genuine product.
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Product Description

Jiffy Peat & Coir Pots

Our Jiffy Peat & Coir Pots are genuine jiffy products and the perfect, biodegradable solution to your planting needs. They’re well-suited to the controlled conditions within many modern nurseries and for general garden use. They are easy to use, just add soil, seeds and water. They are used in much the same way as regular plastic pots, however they are made from coir or peat allowing roots to grow straight through them. This results in healthier roots, and removes the necessity of “de-potting” the plants as the pot will break down over time.

Perfect for Amateurs or Professionals

Many gardeners and nurseries that use Jiffy peat and coir pots have remarked that their plants and crops grow faster than they would when using other pots, sometimes up to several weeks faster than normal plastic pots, leading them to become some of the best sellers amongst professional and amateur gardeners alike. Many hydroponics users would agree that Jiffy’s peat and coir pots are a better choice than normal plastic pots, due to the ease with which they can be used.

Hydroponic Set-ups

The pots also allow for more even water distribution to the plants that they house, making them ideal for use in sub-irrigated beds and with crops that have much more precise water requirements. Many growers who use these pots in hydroponic growing set-ups often say that some of their plants will start sprouting after 2 days when using Jiffy-7 pots to propagate them. They have been proven through rigorous testing to provide the best germination rates possible for seedlings, cuttings and other small plants.


Size Peat / Coir Shape
4.5cm x 4.5cm Coir Round
6cm x 6cm Coir Round
6cm x 6cm Peat Round Afterpressed
6cm x 6cm Peat Round Afterpressed with slits
8cm x 8cm Coir Round
8cm x 8cm Peat Round Afterpressed
8cm x 8cm Peat Round with slits
9cm x 9cm x 10cm Peat Square with slits
12cm x 10cm Peat Round with slits
15cm x 13cm Peat Round Afterpressed
5cm x 5cm x 5cm Strip pot Peat Square
4cm x 5cm x 5cm Strip Pot Peat Square
Our peat pots are made from sphagnum moss collected from a controlled bog to help reduce damage to the environment from peat moss farming. Whilst our Coir pots are made from coir pith, a renewable waste product from the coconut industry. We are an authorised dealer of Jiffy Products, beware cheap imitations as they will not have the same results as the genuine product, and in some cases could harm your plants.

Please Note:

Numbers advertised represent the average package content. In our drive to offer the most competitive prices possible and to maximise efficiencies, many small items are weighed rather than counted e.g. 100 x 4” plant labels or 300 x jiffy pellets etc. For the most part this method is successful and delivers the accurate number, however on occasion actual numbers received may be plus or minus a small amount. In this situation we will not be able to send any perceived missing items or expect any to be returned.
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