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Kieserite Multi-Purpose Neutral Plant Fertiliser 16%Mg 26%MgO Supplied in Tub


  • Elixir Garden’s Kieserite is ideal for combating magnesium deficiencies in your gardens, lawns and fields, as well as being blended in order to create more balanced fertilisers.
  • Kieserite contains 16% Magnesium, this is important for healthy development of chlorophyll leading to a greener healthier looking plant.
  • Kieserite, which occurs naturally, is a highly effective soluble form of magnesium sulphate: It is pH-neutral, and therefore does not cause soil acidification, and offers plants magnesium and sulphur in a form that can be immediately absorbed.
  • We recommend an application rate 70g/ m².

Product Description


Kieserite Multi-Purpose Neutral Plant Fertiliser 16%Mg 26%MgO Supplied in Tub

Our Elixir Garden’s kieserite is an ideal solution to magnesium deficiencies in your fields, gardens and lawns.

This fertiliser is most commonly used to quickly combat magnesium deficiencies in gardens, lawns etc. Kieserite quickly releases the magnesium within 4 – 6 weeks.

We recommended that you also use a potassium based fertiliser as well, as too much soil magnesium can reduce potassium intake of plants.

Elixir Gardens Kieserite Advantages:

16% Magnesium- This is important for the development of chlorophyll, which are what causes the green coloration of plants.

Kieserite contains trace amounts of sulphur: An important nutrient for plants which aids in the formation of crucial proteins needed for plant growth.

We have both reusable tubs and bags available, ranging in size from 0.5kg all the way up to 25kg.

Caution- Store in cool, dry conditions place. Keep away from children, Pets and food. We also ask that you always wash hands after use.

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