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Large Pots with Handles | Optional Saucers | 30 - 130 Litre Sizes


  • Ideal for planting trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • Hard-wearing to all weather conditions, made from durable plastic.
  • Great for using in both your home and garden, also ideal for farming or equestrian use.
  • Drainage holes mean water can flow freely though the container.
  • Fitted with handles for easy use and transportation.
  • Please Note : The size, shape and location of the drainage holes may change depending on the batch.

Product Description


Large Pots with Handles | Optional Saucers | 30 – 130 Litres

Strong & Durable

Our Large Pots with Handles are great for all shapes and size of gardens, outdoor spaces and also in the home. The tough plastic they are made from allows them to stand up to all weather conditions without problems. Designed to be very rigid makes them ideal for feed and hay in farming environments as well as great for trees and bushes. They also have drainage holes allow for waterflow though the plant pot without the water getting stuck at the bottom of the container.

Multi-Functional Tubs

This particular range of large plant pots have handles fitted to the top rim of the pot. Making them easy to move and transport when needed.

These pots are not limited purely to tree and shrub planting. They have a huge variety of gardening & agricultural uses and our range of sizes will be up to any job you have. Perfect for those with horses or livestock, our pots make excellent feed buckets/tubs that are easy to fill and transport around a stable or farm. They also ideal for buildings & construction sites as a means of moving bulky or loose building materials or for collecting and disposing waste.

Similarly for gardeners and home owners they’re great to keep in the shed or basement and use for gathering fallen leaves in autumn, or transporting compost and planting materials in the growing season. They’re strong and rigid design will ensure they last for many years to come.

To find out more information about the sizes available please look table of measurement below.

Size Top Diameter (cm) Height (cm)
30 Litre 39cm 32cm
35 Litre 43cm 37cm
50 Litre 50cm 40cm
75 Litre 59cm 41cm
90 Litre 60cm 48cm
110 Litre 65cm 50cm
130 Litre 68cm 52cm

Our pots can be bought with saucers to fit. Our plant pot saucers act as a water retention unit, which can not only save you the mess of soily water but can provide a steady source of water to the plants it’s under.

The are made from durable HDPE Plastic they will last many seasons before they need replacing.

Please Note: All Sizes are approximate.

Find our PLANT POT range here.

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