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Lawn Sand with Extra Iron | 1 - 0 - 0 + 9.45% Ferrous Sulphate | Tubs | 25kg treats up to 715m²


  • Amazing Value! 25kg will treat 715m²
  • Recommended application rate is 35g per square meter. From September to April.
  • Contains 31.5% Ferrous Sulphate which is effective at improving the colour and health of your lawn.
  • Contains 1% Nitrogen ideal for sustaining grass during application.
  • High levels of Iron keeps grass green year round
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Product Description


Elixir Gardens® Lawn Sand with Extra Iron| 9.45% Ferrous Sulphate | 25kg treats upto 715m² / 860yd²

Contains 31.5% ferrous sulphate (9.45% Fe)


Our Lawn Sand is perfect for use on grassed spaces. We would expect to see results from the fertiliser within 3 to 4 weeks during scarification. It is tailor made for giving your grass a dose of iron (Fe), which will help leave grass looking much greener.

This product can be applied year-round.

Elixir Lawn Sand nutritional advantages:

Nitrogen 1% – This helps to gently feed but not over stimulate growth, giving a small boost to the early growth of your grass.

31.5% Ferrous Sulphate containing 9.45% Iron (Fe) –Grass will use Iron to create new Chlorophyll, making the grass take on a richer Green Coloration.

Our application recommendation is to start applying at 35g m² in early April, and continue to apply a 2nd treatment 3 – 4 weeks later.

RHS recommend the application of an Iron(Fe) Sulphate to take place in autumn or spring. Then waiting 2 – 3 weeks for before Scarification.

Supplied in bags as well as reusable tubs in sizes up to 25kg.

May not work effectively on dry lawns, or during Droughts and Freezing Conditions

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