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Liquid Lawn Tonic & Plant Food | 500ml-10L Bottles


  • Amazing value! 10L makes up to 2000L of feed
  • Balanced liquid fertiliser that can be used for a variety of gardening purposes.
  • Provides the nutrients for healthy growth in your lawn & garden
  • All-purpose feed can be used all year round.
  • High Nitrogen content will ensure a vibrant green colour to your grass. Potassium helps to build strong cell walls and protects from disease and frost.
  • Please note: Your bottle of lawn tonic will come supplied with a plain black and white label with all relevant application rates and usage information applied.

Product Description


Liquid Lawn Tonic & Plant Food | N.P.K: 16-0-8

Ideal for use on lawns and gardens, our Liquid Lawn Tonic will ensure that your lawn looks and grows the best it can. For new lawns, early season and first applications always apply a lower rate, increasing for established plants/turf into high season.

Elixir Gardens Liquid Lawn Tonic contains:

  • Total Nitrogen(N) – 16.7% in Ureic form, 0% Nitric Acid, 0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen. Nitrogen is crucial to the growth of your plants, especially in those that produce large leaves or blooms. It will help the production of chlorophyll and green up grass and plant foliage.
  • Total Phosphorus (P) – 0.0% in Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5).
  • Total Potassium (K) – 8.3% in Potassium Oxide (K2O) Soluble in water. Potassium is an important mineral for plants. It aids with the regulation of water in plants through the Stomata, and generally effects overall size, shape and colour / taste of the plant and its fruits. It will help build strong cell walls, improving a plants strength, and its resilience to disease and extremes in temperature.

Application Rate:

5ml Lawn Tonic – 1 Litre Water

We recommend to feed twice per week at a rate of 5ml Lawn tonic to 1 litre of water. Apply at a rate of 1 litre of solution to 1 square meter of lawn/soil. More frequent feeding is possible, however care must be taken not to overfeed as individual plants requirements vary greatly.

This product can be applied using a Sprayer, whilst doing so it is recommended to use the above application rate.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg

500ml, 1lt, 2.5lt, 5lt, 10lt


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