Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser with Iron Sulphate

  • Liquid Seaweed is a 100% natural and organic plant feed and conditioner.
  • It stimulates healthy plants, producing higher yields of crops and more flowers, as well as improving soil conditions.
  • Harvested sustainably from the isles of the Outer Hebrides, this nutrient rich Atlantic seaweed is completely free from any additives and chemicals.
  • Processed using heat extraction & fermentation.
  • Our concentrated 20L bottle will make up to 400L of feed solution, enough to treat over 400 sq. meters of lawn/turf.
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Product Description

Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser with Iron Sulphate

Superior Quality

Seaweed is the fertiliser of choice for home growers and professional gardeners alike, and used for turf and pitch maintenance by many groundsman. Not limited to grass lawn, however, use on many different varieties of plants and crops to achieve lush, healthy foliage. Fruiting and flowering plants greatly benefit the nutrient packed liquid, yielding bumper crops of fruit and veg.

Organic, Sustainable & Chemical-Free

Our liquid seaweed stimulates healthy plants, producing higher yields of crops and more flowers. Harvested sustainably from the isles of the Outer Hebrides using heat extraction and fermentation means this nutrient rich Atlantic seaweed is completely free from any additives and chemicals. It provides your lawn and plants with essential nutrients and minerals they need for strong and healthy growth. Another benefit of the seaweed is that it improves natural plant vigour and the ability to withstand environmental stress.

Fast Uptake

Unlike many manufactured chemical fertilisers, liquid seaweed has a very fast uptake and is quickly absorbed by your plants or turf. Many of these can only be applied via the soil, whereas liquid seaweed can be applied either root, or as a foliar spray, increasing the efficiency of the nutrient uptake. Our Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser with Iron Sulphate helps make your lawn a beautiful dark green colour. Additionally, the iron content hardens sward and reduces the soil’s susceptibility to disease and frost damage. The iron present in the liquid will also discourage moss formation and worm activity.

Domestic Application Rates:

As a general guide we recommend a a dilution rate of 50ml of liquid seaweed per litre of water. Apply the diluted solution at a dose of 1 litre per square meter of ground/soil. Dosage will depend on the type of plant or crop being treated however.

Agricultural Application Rates (litres per hectare):

  • Early Spring Grazing: 7 / 10 days before turnout – 5.0. After cutting Hay, silage as soon as field cleared – 5.0. With sprays – 2.5.
  • Potatoes: At onset of tuber initiation – 2.5. 10 days after tuber initiation – 2.5. 3 weeks later – 2.5. A further 3 weeks later – 2.5.
  • Spring Cereals: ZGS 21 / 23 Tillering – 2.5. ZGS 30 / 31 Leaf sheath erect /1st node – 2.5.
  • Winter Cereals: ZGS 21 Early Tillering (autumn) – 2.0. ZGS 31/32 1st / 2nd node – 2.5. (Wheat) ZGS49 / 59 Flag leaf ear emerged – 2.5.
  • Soft Fruit: Strawberries Early Blossom – 5.0. Raspberries etc Fruit set – 5.0. After Harvest – 5.0. Any stressed or unhealthy crop – 5.0
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